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THAT DON'T LIE. . ? ¦ The Uoyal Baking Powder Co. try to give the inference that the!r powder containsraore trcnin Tartar and thnt its Leavening Power Is rreater than any 01 her made. bs stated In tlieir advertisomont on the " Comparatlve Worth of Baklnjt Powdere, exhlblted by black unes. Our name was raentioned in conneetiou wilh one of our chenper brand, made of different inaterials as the trade might Iemand. Our Crcam Tarlar braad of Andrcu-' Pearl was omitted evidentty tor a very good reason. judsring frora the relative nuriis of Andkkw's "Pkarl ' and the Royal, as cleaily demonstrated by the Government Chemist Dr Peter Collier of the Department of Agrieulture, at Washington, from samples received by liini from dealers who fimiislied tlie samples from their stocks on uand in open market. Showtns excess of Crrnm Tart.irin Andrews' tt} Ofl I I ICDC' AM Ai XOIO asgg&sggssy tULLIEKb ANALYSIS --" ¦. f" x U. S. Dept of Aorioit.ttire i . ' - Washington D. C, March 10, 1S83. f ,' C. E. Andhkws & Co.- Gentlemen : I received bv fromThos. Lydon and J. P. Harkins&Co" öHfc! Graud Ave., Milwaukee. and Harper Bros., ChicaKú ". Hl . samples of Andrews' Pearl and Royal Bak¦ I ¦ inr Powdcrs. The cans were in good condition J Bl I ¦ vvhen received and theseals unbroken. I find upon L '"bb CO H ¦ analyeis that Andrews' Pearl Baking Powder conB ï ¦ tains aboutfour anda hall (4'.,) per cent. more I I H cream tarlar tlian the Koyal Baking Powder, L¦ I ui I and a larger percentage j LC 8 ¦ "' oarbonic acid ras, and I Hiid il to be ¦ I ree Iroin uliuii, and anj injiirions üiib-'; ¦ ütancc. 1 r B Sincerely yours, PETER COLLIER, iS3 J m l ¦ Chemist, Dept. of Agrieulture. . ? GöFfirmiieiii Ust Colliert Analysis as to the Leavenina Qualities. andrews' pz t,Ri.WIBBÊEÊSÊÊBÊÊÊIÊÊÊÊÊÊSBBSSBSÊÊKÊÊÊÊÊM royal HHHHffl Xo wonder the Royal Co. omitted Andrews' Pearl from their i( Coinparative Zfet,'' as Government Chemist Collier's analysis shows conclusively two things: Ist, That Andrews' Pearl contains more Cream Tartar than the Royal, as sliown by the cuts above; 2d, That the Leavening Power of Andrews' Pearl is greater than the Royal, as shown by the two black Unes above. . ¦ i rTT ATT TTTCTTT We will gsve the Royal Co. or any one else $1.000 or f 5,000 if the3' can prove by any fair mutual test that Andrews' Pearl Baking Powder does, or ever did, contain aliim or any Injurlous substances, and this challenge is open forever. Andrews' Pearl Baking Powder is sustainedby a testimonial uto its puritj and ütrengtli by the only genuine commissioned Government chemist, sueh as the Royal Co. m""-'J--!0MOTn ""' m C. E. ANDREWS & CO., 287, 280 & 2fll E. Water Sb, Milwaukee. 45 Michigan Ave., Chicago.


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