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W íCPí)YAt??5'1'1J AkiHö POWDER Absolutely Pure. Thls ponder never varíes. A marvel of panty, strengt h and wholesometioss. Moreecouomical tliau tlie ordinary kinüs, and cannot bo sUl in cnmretition wlth tlie ruultitude ot low test, sho t weighl. alum or pbosphate powders. Sold only in cana Royal Powder Co., I(Xi Wall St. N. Y. "" futicura A l'o-iü ve Cure for Evcry Form of Skin and Bloocl Disraae, Trom Pimples to Scrofula. npHOUSANDS of Letters in our possessioo rcX peut this story : I have been a 'errlble sufferer tor years witli Bljod and Skin llumors ; havo be.n nbligid to shnn public places bv re son of my distgnrinir humor; bave ind the best physielatiB ; a-ive spi'nt hunnreds of dollars and got no real relefuntil I ueed the cuticuba Rksolvewt. thenew Blood 1'nrulur, lmernally, and Cuticura and CurlruraSop,tne UreatSkm Cares and Skin Beauttflers, externa! ly, which have eured me and left my skin aud blood a pare as a child's. Almost Incredible. James E. Kichardson, Cnstoiu House, New Oreans, on oith, says.- In 1870 Scrolulous Ulcera sroke out on my body uotil I was a masa of corrup tion. Ev.-ry thing knnwn to the medical faculty waa tried in rain. I became a mere wreek. At times :oulrt not lilt my lianus to my head, conld not turn in bed ; was in constant pain, and looked npoa life iu%L!iví ..üo relief or care i , ten years. In 1880 wa perlectly cured. Sworn to bolore l'. S. Oom., J. D. Cbawporh. Still More So. WUl Mcüomiia, 649 Dearborn Street, Chicago, cmti-lHlly acknowledüej a cure of Eczema, or Salt Kiiuim. ou h(!itd, neck. face, arm-, and legs lor seventeen years ; not ab!e to move, except on hands and knees, tor one year; not able to hulp hiroseli for eiglil yeare; tried hundrt-ds oí remedies; doctors pronoumvd hfe case bopelesa, permanently cured by the Cuticura Remedies. More Wonderful Yet. II. E. Carpenter, N.Y., cured of Psoriasis or Leprosy, o: twenty years' stiinding, by Cuticura Remedies. The most wonderful cure on record. A diistpanfnl of scales feil from him daily. Physlcians and hia friends thought he must die. Cure sworn to before a justice ot the peace and Uenderson's most [romfnent citizeDS. "Öon't Wait. Write to ue for these testimoniáis in full or send direct to the parties. All are absolutely true and given withont our knowled;eor solioitatioD. Don't walt. Now is the time to cure every species of liching, Hcaly, Pimply, Scrofulous, Inherited.Contagious, and Copper-colored Diseasee of the Blood, Skin aüd Scalp wlth Loss of Hair. Sold by all drnggisis. Price: Cuticnra, 50 ets.; Resnlvent, $1; Soap, 2.5 ets. POTi'SK DRUG AND UHEM1UALCO., Boston, Mass. nc a iiTV '"'¦ I'o'ii-'h, Chapped and Oily B6AUTT skin, Blackheads, aud Skin BlemisheB, use Cuticura Soap. CATARRH Head Colds, Wiitory Dlscliarjcps from the Nose and Eyes, Iilnging Noisi'S in the Head, Nervous Headache and Fever lnstantly rolieved. ChokinK macaB disloged, membrane cleansed and healed, tirenth sweetened, sinell, tate, and hearing restorcd, anti ravages checked. Cough, Bronchitis, DroppinKS Into the Throat.Pains in the Chcst, Dyspepsia, Hastlnu of Strength and Flesh, T.os.s of Sleep, etc., curt'd. One bottlc Kndical Cure, onc box Catarrhal Solvent and onc Dr. Bantord'a Inhaler, in one packafte, of all druKKints. forti. Askfor Sanford'a Radical Cure, a nuredlstillntlimof Witcli Hazel, Am. Plne, Ca. Fir. Marlgold, Clorer Blussoms, etc. Pottkb Dkuci axd C'HKMlr.M. Co., [iiwton. r"TT"7ï I BB Collins' v'It4le Electric Plster b mk mmm instantly affects Ui-1 N'ervous ¦ ¦¦ IIB System and banlshe Pain. A ¦ U IIV perfect Elkctrio Battkky f1l ¦ ¦ i-riiuliliieil uit 11 a POEOOJ IS THE CBI ifttSSrtSSSi wSS o a and Worn Out Parts, strenKthSUFFERINB NERVE "'s Tlred Muscles, prevent DlteSe. Md !¦ ""rt ln O'"-'i?lf the time than any "the? piaster ln tlie workl, Sold everywhere. The Emperor Louis Najioleon smoked only the Unest cir.-ar.-i the world eould pro. flnee Horsford suys the EniKirors cit'ar'i were madi' bpecially for him in Havana f rom lea tobáceo trrown in the (Jolden Belt of North Carolina, this beiui? the nnest le'if noirau Bhitrkwell's BuU Diirham BmokllW Tobacco ík made from the same leaf uscd in the Eniperor's clurars. is alolutoly pure and is nnqnttonMy the best tobáceo ever oflered. Thackorny's (rlftcd dauirhter Anne. in herekekhof AlfredTennyson, in ;¦..".'. Hmlhlt, teil cf her vtalt to the Kreat ihc She fmind him smoking P.laekwell Bldl Duilunn Tobacco. sent him by Hou. James BUSSOU Lnwell, Ameneau Muiter to the Ponrt of St. Juni' . I th" days of dnlteUon, it k a oomf ,,- to smoken, to . that Buil Dur,an, l.r.Mid is purr. a,„l nuule frnñ, ttè bt tobáceo the world lrodu _e(. HKkweü1 Buil D.irham Sn.oknw Tobacco is the f.' and purebt mida. All deahaveit. None unine without the trade-mnrll of tlio Buil. fii i il fjU i i A 4 RtTP'T TT ÏB. El ! "i_ EOAN'S IMPERIAL TB.US8. ÉR TI.T, ...-¦ Tro., has ,,'-l ¦!"" " ' Jfi l.n Sfoloutrtal. Enclo.e8u.pforCirtol.r. P fwd in Mh Unlvenlty HoplUl. f GAH'S IMPCmi. TRUSS CO., Box 2288. Ann Artor, Miel,. OfflcpJIamilton Block. Ann Albor. SWCRIBE for the COORIER.


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