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Frora the Herald The Lutheransof this place havedeeidect to purchase or builil a parsonage. The loss of sheep and lambs is very great, and is attributeil to the poor quality of hay fed. During the eigbt years in which eider Gay has aerved the Baptist society of this place, only two members have died. We are informed that a son of John Welen, a former resident ot' Chelsea, imü both legs cut off a boro Knees a few !ajs ngo, by the cars, at Chicago. Many of our readers are probably not aware that ('lielsea bas within its bo'rders two very old, and consequeutly valuabln violins, of the Caspered Daflb Pruggar make. Afteran examination of these'instruments by Prof. Luderer, of Detroit, he expressed the opinión that they-vvere the genuine article, and for quality and power of tone were not excelled in Michigan. The Instrumenta are the property of Geo. and James Bachman. On Sunday morning last occurred the denth of Miss Maggie Sawyer, aged 39 years, after a sickness of less than twelve hours. Miss Sawyer prepared dinner as usual, but soon aftercomplained of a heaclache and laid down to rest. Her mother, not thinking it at all serious, visited a neighbor and on rcturmng called to her daughter but received no answer She went to her room where she found deceased on the floor in a fit of apoplexy. Medical aid was at once suniinoned, but she was beyond help. Decnased was the daughter of Lorenzo and Mrs. Sawyer, who reside north of this village, whohave the sympathy of the wholecommunity, as was amply shovrn by the large nuniber who attended the funeral last Tuesday at the Baptist church. MANCHESTER. At the meeting of the S. W. Farmers' Club, held May 2, '84, at the resideiice of Frank Spafard, the election of offleers for the ensuing year resulted as follows : President - Kichard Green; lat yice-pres, - Q. S. Rawson ; 2d vice-pres. C. M. Fellows; 3d vice-pres.- J. F. Spafard; secretary- Mrs. J. F. Spafard; treasurer- Frank Spafard; committee on program - Urs. J. F. Spafard, Henry Palmer and B. G. English; viewing committee - W. W. Hess, Frank Spafard and L. M. Baldwin. From the Enterprise. Fred Case, of Jackson, accompanied by Tfesïay " t'ír" '' 'ÚHÚstm, % fiUñiL wlierp rfeu vm vTsiTTïïs sister, Mrs. . O. Driver, who is intending to come home with him. John McMahon the circusman, returned home from Central America last week, havinsf sold his show. His faithful horse " Mike" died down tliere, and John says that he would have died had he uot left the country. It is not generally known that the S. W. Insurance Company have had a flre which was adjnsted at $00. With its usual proniptness the company paid it without levyiug an assessment. The loss ivas sustained by John Vantuyle of Manchester township. Ed. Eandall of Bridgewater found a young lamb in his flock last week whlch had two perfect bodies and eight legs The head was perfect, but the bodies were joined at the neck. Hnd it lived it would have been a great cmiosity. A great many have been to see it, and some wish him to have it mouuted by a taxidermist. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rowe returned home from southern California where tliey have been for about two years, on Tuesday evening. Mr. Rowe has been busily engaged in improving his fruit farm and is looking hale and hearty, and Mrs. Ilowe, who is enjoying better health than when she left here, thinks she could not have endured our severe winters. They seem pleased to see their many old friends agaiu. SALINE. Fiom the Observer. Win. B. Gildart, whilom citizen of Sa line, is now acting as local scribe on the Stockbridge (Ingliam Co.) Sentiuel. Mrs. Smalley, aunt of Ben;. Monroe, and formerly a resident of Saline, died at Waterloo, New York, last week, and her remains were brought here Tuesday and placed in the Salinecemetery. üncouraging reports come from our own county as to the fruit, ,and Dr. Nichols, of Ann Aibor, who has two or three thousands trees of fruit, says that he never saw them looking better at thisseason of the year. May Gth Messrs K. R. Olds & C. F. Bacon, of this township, purchased of A. UnUerwood, of Addisou, the fine tlinroujfl.bred Holstein heifer, " Flavia B," No. 4G40, H. H. B., one year old, for tlie consideration of $200.00. Dam, imported cow Flavia, No. 8016, H H. B. Sin, imported buil "Lord's Jumbo," No. 1588 II. H. B. The sire of "Flavia B," was sold last year for $2.500. Verily, our farmers are fast waking up to the importance of secur ing only the best of stock. YPSILANTI From the Ypsilantian. Brown & Cole, drovers, bouglit two steers for shipment yeiterday, from A. Todd, which welglied 3,075 lbs. The well at the bath house is being pumped. The novel sight of seeing water pumped and gas buruing at the same hole can be seen there. At the recent fire at Willard's hotel, in Washington, Judge Joslyn, acting Secretary of the Interior- a the way, of Judge Joslyn of this city- who is an invetérate joker, üolemnly approached a window of bil apartments and amused the crowd by coolly saving- three ladies' bonnets. Thos. Talladay is the owner of the most ambitious hen we know of. Last Friday we were made a present of an egg which was nearly as round, and almost as large, as a base ball, being 8x8)4 inches in circumference. We have heard of no larger productions so far this season. It also beats last year's champion, which ïneasure 7X ,x From the Commercial. We understand that Mr. Conklin made no will. Dr. Haskell preached two eminently practical and usefulsermonsat the Baptist church last Sunday. W E II Sober has moved from Pittsfield'to Big Beaver, CHkLand Co., sorry to lose him, a most excellent fainily. The nextsession of the Washtcnaw Baptist Association is to be held in this city on the tirst Wednesday in May 188o. Our venerable friend L. L. Forsyth brated his 84th birthday Thursday, by a pleasant gathering of lus f rienda at his delightful home on Cross street east. An appropriate poetn was read. The net receipts of the Ladies' Benevolent Society of the First Baptist church of 'i psilanti tor theyear ending May 14, '84 were $8; 6.57, $848.54 of thls amount being used in funiishinjj the new church. Where is he? Mr. C. A. Prench, well knovvn in Ypsilanti as a general mechanic, former residence on Pearl street, left this city, flve weeks ago last Monday in searofc oL worK, and since that time he has not been heard froni. Mrs. French is stopping with her sister, Mrs. AlbertKoyl, and is inucli aliinned ia roganlto liissafety. Exchanges j)lease copy.