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Frota our Regular Correspondent. Washington, D. C, May 17, 1884. The Wild applause which Broke out in the House of Kepresentatives on Tuesday, when the result of the tariff vote was anuounced, revealed the deep feeling which existed underneath apparent indifference. For once, a rolt cali was followed froiu name to name with a more absorbed attentiou, both on the floor and in the galleries, than the most eloquent speech. The importantie of the question involved and the uncertaiutyof the issue, combined to iuvest the result with extraordinary interest, and when the suspense was happily over, the joy of the victors was expressed iu such an uproar of cheers, and screams as is seldom heard in a deliberativo assembly. On that day the House of Representatives wasalmost as inuch of an attraction as Barnum's circus, which was showing in auother part of the city. Immense crowds turned their steps tovvard thecapitol at an early hour and the (Iemand for seats fa r exceeded the supply. Tlie scène In the corridors, on the floor, and In the galleries was suggestive of adjournment day. The ladies were out la force, the diplomatic gallery was over fiiled with preresentatives of t'oreign nations, and of the 324 members, only ten failed to answer at the final roll cill, on the tnotion to sirike out the enacting clause of the Morrison Horizontal tarirl' bill. Tlie voting bcgan; the result was 159 yeaa to 155 uays, and thusthe tarifl'bill received itsdeath blow. The father of the dead issue maintained a Democratie side, and clieer followed choer on the Republlc in side of the Hall. Ladies stood up and waved their handkerchiefs, nd men swung papers and bats over their heads. Never has there been a more doubtful or more exciting vote in Congres, The divided Democracy will now transfer its quarrel to the Jiational Convention, where, as the free traders say, there will be no Republicans. The Siamese embnssy which is now visiting Washington and seelng the sights came to this country for the purpose of seelng and examining tools, machinery, and flre-arms. When they called on the President the other day, thsy made quite an imposingappearance attiredin fullcostume, They wore black helmets, tight fitting coats,with heavy gold embroidery, loose silk knee breeches, white silk stockings, patent leather slippers aud gold mounted swords. The weekly nood of bilis that bas poured in on Congress ever since the begiuningof the session isgrowing perceptibly less. Still, bad these new measures ceased coming in two months ago, the next session of Congress would be likely to receive a rich inheritance of important bilis that will go overfrom the present session. There are now more than 160 Senate bilis upon the calendar of the House of Representatives in addition tothe mass of original measures awaiting the action of the latter body. Since there is little hope of action by the House upon any new Senate bill that is not of the lirst importance, the upper House is proceeding iu a very leisurely marnier witheverything but appropriation bilis, and othen thit the House has passed. Panic stricken Wall streetmade an unsuccessful ell'ort on Wednesday to secure relief througli Congress. Hundreds of telegrams were received by Members and Senators urging itnraediate action to relieve the Ünancial strain. Just bfore the adjournment of the House unanimous consent was asked by Representative Springer to pass the Dingley bill authorizingthe Secretary of the Treasury to iuvest iu bonds the lawful money deposited by bauks for retirement of circulation. It was explained that the effect of sneu a law wouldbuto put luto imniediate circulation about thirty million dollars. Messrs. Holman and Weller objected and no action was taken. An effort will be made early next week, however to secure the passage of both the Dingley and MePherson currency bilis. It is so hard for the free trade men to give up, that they have resorted to new tariff bilis, three of which were iutroduced this week. Representative Dorsheimer bas prepared an address to the people delluing the position of the majority of tlie Democrats in the House on the tariff, so that there can be no shiftinií from the straight issue. This practically reads the Randall faction out of the party, and it is understood the idea of the address is fully approved by Messrs. Carlisle, aud Morrison. PresidentArthur, and Chief Justice Waite, accompanied by a number of Generáis have gone on an excursión to the battle-fields of Virginia. They will visit those of Fredencksburj;, Cbancellorsville, Spottsylvania, aud the Wilderness, returning to Washington on Saturday. Early next week Washington will entertain Good Templars and Bicyclers by the thousand. The former are coming from all countrios to hold a session of the Grand Lodge of the world, and the latter are coming to parade, race, and banquet. Fifteen hundred wheelmen are expected.


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