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ÍNÍE[RVíEgIO[N!Q!ü!EHiOlR) The only lrnown speciflc for Eplleptic nts.-'. i jtj-Also for Spasms and Falling Sickness.'t ï Ñcrvous Woakiiesa quickly relievcd and curtd. Equalled by none in delirium of feveivUS, aS'NeutralizpB genas of diseaao and eickncss. Cnres ngly blotchoa and Btubborn blood sores. Cleanscs blood, quickens sluggish circulation. Eliminatcs Boils, Carbunclce and Scalds.-O ayPermimently and proraptly cnrcs paralysis. Y ea, It is a charming and henlthful Ápcrient. Kills Scrofula and Klngs Evil, twin brothcrs. Chances bad brcath to good, removing canbO. rOKout3 bllionsnoBs and rlears complexion. Charminp resolvent and matchlrss laxative.ít It drives Sict Ilcadache like the wind.-gs C3F"Contains no drastic cathartíc or opiatcs. Promptly cures Rheuniatism by routing it.ttfl Rectores properties to the blood.-ua la gnaranteed to cure all nenou dieorders. a3 t_"Keliable when all opiates fall.-a;a Eofreshes the mind and invisronitcs the body. Cures dyspepsia ormoney refunded.t r5-Endorsed in writinjrby overflfty thousaud Learting physicians ín U. S. and Furope "8 Leading clergymen in U. S. and Europe.-S Piseases of Uta blnod own it a conqtipror.-ffia For sale by al! leadiug druggists. $1.60.-S F"r testimoníala and circulars oend stamp. The Dr. S. 4. Richmond Msd. Co., Props., St. TosEpla.. aIo. (lí) Lord, Stoutenburgh & Co,, Agents, Cliicagr, Iilluois. WONDERFUL líí CURES OF 'LH KIPNEYDISEASES (f) AND Q LIVER COMPLAINTS, o Becnse it ets on the I.IVEII, BOWELS and KIIíNKYS at the sume time. Beoatiso it oleansM the aystem of the poisonotis humors that develope in Kidney and tJrinary Diseaaoe, Biliousness, Jaundice, Constipa tlou, Piles, or Ín Eneumatiam, Neuralgia, Ker CONSTIPATION, PILES, and RHEUMATIGM, By causlnff FREE ACT10N of all the orgaiis and funcLions, tliereby CLEANSINQ tho BLOOD restoring tho normal power to throw off disea&e. THOUSANDÖ OF CASES of the worst forma of theae terrible diseaaee have beea quickly relieved, and in a short timo PERFECTLY CURED. PEICE, $1. LIQ11D OR DRf, SOLD BY DRIGCISTS. Dry can be sent by mail. WELI, RICHARDSON & Co., Burlington, Vt. 3 Send itamp Tor Diaj-y Almanac for lba-1. GOODYEAR'S! No. 5 S. Main Street, You can always flnd the Best Stock of DUUGS! MEDICINES, PERFUMES And every thing usually kept in a firstOlliltK! LOWER PRICES Than ANY OTHER PLACE in the City. CALL ZIT And Look Urcr onr Stock or FancyGoods. Ferdon Lumber Yard! JAMES TOL.BERT, Prop. Hannfacturer and Dealer in SACINAW GANG-SAWED LUMBER Lath and Shingles. We invite all to give na a cal], and examine onr stock before purchaeing eleewhere. AI.SO, AGENT FOIi JatonSewurPpCo. AD SELLS FIRE BRICK. JAMES TOLBERT, I'nor. T. .1. KEECH, Surr. Telephone Connections. "Buchupaiba." Quick, complete, cures all annoying Kidney, Bladder and Urinary ülseases. $1. Druggist,


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