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Wondorful Siamese, Sacred Royal "White Elephant! ' COMING WITII THE (iKIOAT NowonltoTwentletl. Annual Toar and will Exhibit AFTKI5X X and EVBXING ;ii AnnArbor,si31st Positively to beseen In the Great Forepaogh Show, Singular and SaeredFirst and Only "WHITE ELEPHANT! That ever has beeneen íd a Chris tian Land, endnrsed by the h'ffhest ScIenHíe aulhority in America. "THE GEM OF THEÍSKY AND THE GLORY OF THE LAND.' Come and 8ee tMl Silvry, S'.cred Symbn] of Stom. Evrywhcre an Objpct of Surpissing Wonder nd l'Dbounded ThHiaidi up n Tl'.ousauds sre Dítiij i tiroiigiug our Canvae Halis to eee thïs LILLY-LOOKING, ARGENT-EYED CREATURE, That n of lts capture is an object of the most exilted reverorce and wornhip. It is believed everywhere in Farther India tbat the Divine Buddlu must delight lo abido in the White Elephut, t Their t Own t Incarnation t of Purity ! First time seen in the Xow World of a Genuine DelerUion of MOSLEM MAMELUKES AND MOORS ! ff FOLLOWERS OF MOHAMMED. ff j BELIEVERS IN THE KORAN. I UU SUN-BURNED SONS of SAHARA. UU Accompanfcd by a Xatiye Band, all appeu ín th" Great Circus, (airterof a 100 ELEPHANTS 100 Wall Ara, Sise. Colon MdSex. All Porforminir at the SameTime. Only Oreat Tontoil Exhitiitmn Cumins thi Seastm. L200 Men and Horscs ! Three Cireat Ituilway Train I Acres rf Tenis ! Seats tbr 20.000! 1 000 Beasis. Iïird, and Marine Monstere ! Eirst, Ouly, Oolussal, lmported, Real EOMAN HIPPODEOME! TULL HALF-MILE RACE TRACK! Fumous Trans-Allantic 3-ig CïrcuLsI-3 Monster Trained Wild Beast Show ! ! Mammoth Menagerie ! ! ! ArpJi.SOHintnyiaua lmiiRPutab!y the most Gigautio Coiisolldatlon of Old and New World More Performers than any Circus in the Universo! flWiMjiiSËSEsem The Only Million DollarShow Coming Here ï Splendorana Beaaty l'a ia Yó k h vinï i' m , Pei?rles f' Cleopatra! Scènes of the Harem ! Costaran fíom Jau ...Tl r m f ? li Q"a,rds,of Kedar Khan The Light of OUI than any Show ! M " Maslve Dens Th?,n n "Ík 8";8'8 B'""l I More Costly Charlinuepenaenc. ra, au KHe Corps Great SSSdOtóufñKSSSS SSEÍSiSÍ í I FIVE MUSICAL ORCANIZATIONS IN PARADE. ExbUjltloo Aflcrnoon and Nlfht. BamepPerfbrmH Aternoon as Kvcning. Peerless, GORGE0ÏÏS.FREE STREET PARADE 50 oenti, Inoludiug a rooU Heat. fhildre, muler ¦ i) years - ' nts 1 "xh'fi üt Acl'1"lsfii"1' 'y evenlogat usual Eonr. Árenle chati- lr m, i ,ul rññ', , ,,', , "" 'lll''''"i nd AÖAM FOIll-I'VH;i, s(11 PropHelor.


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