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W. TREMAIN, GENERAL If8HR JGBNCï! OFFICK : O?er Casper Rinsey's Grocery Store. OOR. UURON AND FODRTU STS., North British Insurance Co,, Of London and Edüiburg. Capital, $13,000,000, Gold. Detroit Fire and Marine Insurance Co., Cash Asse' s $600,000. Springfleid Ins. Co. of Massaehusetfs, Cash Aseets $1,800,900. Howard Ihs. ('oiiipany of "ew York, Cas. h Aesets $1 ,000,000. Agricnltural Ins. Co., ÏYatcrtown, N.Y., Cash As8et8 $1,200,000. Losse Llberally Adjusted and Promptly Pairt. C. H. MILLEN, INSURANCE AGENT! Xo. I South Main St., Aun Albor. Thooldest agency In the city. Establlshed : a. quarter of a century ao. Representlng the following flrat-class companies : Home lus. Co. of N. Y L7,488,646 Continental Ins. Co. ofN. Y 4 867,448 Niágara In?. Co. of X. Y 1,874,024 Glrard Ins. Co. of Plilladelphiiv 1,259 B67 Oriënt Ins. Co of Hartford 1,419,523 Commercial Union of London. .11,048,943 Liverpool, London and Globe. .34, 40,0S5 Untes Low. Losses Liberally Adjusted and rromptly l'aid. C. H. MILI.EN. CET THE BEST FIRE INSURANCE Í $29,000,000. Security held for Ihe protcction of the pollcy holden. CHRISTIAN MACK Heprosents the followlne flrst-class romp-luien, of which ooe. the vEtiui. Iihs alcme pld oi,(XX OOO Ure losses in Blzty-Bve years : Stoa, of Hartford $ i i;w g 1 1 Franklln of Phlladelphia :n 1871:! Gemianía, N. Y 8,700,729 Goi-niaii Americiin, N. Y 4,065,068 l.ondon Assunince, Lonrion.. . 1,416 Í88 Michtean F. & M., Detroit. . . 887,608 N. . l iidenvriters, N. Y 2,598 679 National, Hartford 1,774,605 l'hioinx, Broeklyn 8,759,'036 Losses überallv dju.ld an,l prnmptlv piid 1 oliulu issucd at Ihe lowatt ratcs of premium tiDitr á DDI7F s'r"lsl ¦" fOT poMS. and re¦¦ nonoy HkIu nuay tiia,, uythlng elao wnrlc-r. .) K ' "'"','' ¦tuil.- nwall Ih,.


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