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No collego exereises May 30, probably. E. S. Clarkson, '84, was out from Detroit Saturday. Fine looking campus, with tlie giass keptilown nicely by tlie lawn mowers. The pipes are bei ng lakl for the drinklug fountain atar tlie center of the campus. Theamiual electioo of the Studente' Lucture Assoclutlon occurs ncxt Saturday. Dr. Angelí visits the Port Huron schools to-Uiy, and lectures before his return, we believe. Win. H. Jeuking, law '81, was married to an Adiian lady recently. Mr. Jenkius will practice in Jacks'jn. The fresliLiien expect to have about forty couple at their snpper at the St. James, Fiiday night next. C. J. Hand, dent, left for Fort Worth, Texas, last week. Mrs. Hand, nee Merithew, remains here wlth her paients. The senior pharmics last week ordered a handsome frame of Lewis & Gibson for their class pictures. It's cost will be $35. C. C. Beebe, dent, '84, who bas been doing dental work in the city since his graduation, bas left for home, Raciue, Wis. Dr. W. J. Webb, class of '80, has removed from Lowell in this state and opeued an office at 738 Lincoln Ave., Chicago. The dental studeuts who have been working here since the graduation of the seniors in March, leave this week for their homes. The engineers, about twenty in number, leave to-moi row for Elk Rapids for their final work of the year. Tliey go inostly by boat from Detroit. The professors' monument standing for some time on the portion of the campus devoted to foot-ball, etc, will be removed to a polnt between tlie laboi'iitory and Ubrary buildings. The Alpha Delta Phi fiaternity here will be represented by Messrs. S. F. Hawley and E. O. Grosvenor, both of '85, at the annual convention held in Middletown, Conn., May 27 and 28. It is expected that the marriage of C. E. Goodrich, '83, of Bay City, and Miss Ella F. Hunter, foiuierly '8G, of Hubbardston, Mich., will occur next uionth. They will probably be here commeuccment week. At The Chronicle ilcction last Snturday afternooa Messrs. A. C. Robeson and R. S. Dawson, from the independents, and Messrs. D. C. Corbett and Fred W. Job, from the secret societies, were electcd editors for the ensuing year. '87 held an oracle election Saturday last with the following result in the selectiou of editors for next year's Oracle : J. W. Case, J. L. Duffy, J. B. Thomas, Jr., L. G. Townsend, F. E. Beeman, A. J. Covell, J. D. Hibbard, and C. Hudson. The Jeftersonian Literary Society, law, cbosethe following offlcers last Thursday evening: President, R. R. Horth ; ïvcordng secrotary, H. K. Fowler; corresponding secretary, F. Gaffuey; treasurer, f. P. Hettiner; senior critic, J. C. Frank; junior critic, G. B. Andrews; marshal, W. A. S. Keirstead. Secretary Wade is doing his best lo make a hantlsome campus by the use of he lawn mowers. Tlie temptation is ill he more now for uing the grass plats to valk upon, and Mr. Wade asks us to kindly request the students and persous crossing the campus to use the walks so ar as posible. O. C. Trace, medie '84, fractured his limb in the lower thlrd of the tibia last evenlng. Dr. Sullivan redneed the fracture. S. P. Hawlcy and E. O. Grosveuor won the first prize fordoublesat (.lie lawn tennis tournament on the campus last Batorday morning, and L. M. Dennis and E. X. SmitU the secemd prize. A large number went to Detroit Saturday to see the game of base-ball at Recreation Park between the Cass and University clubs. A fine game was played by the boys, the score of 5 to 8, resulting in favor of the Universities. Last Friday evening the engineering society elected officers as below for the coming year: President, A. E. Kastl; viee-presldent, W. W. Campbell; record. Iiir secretary and treasurer, S. Cramer; corresponding secretary, C. H. Lane; 11briirian, H. G. Hetzler; execulive coramittee, W. G. Warnick, J. N. Walker and F. B. Pelham. Profs. Wilson and Allen attended the Ohio State Homoeopathic convention in Cleveland last week. Tliey ai e both in Detroit this week atteuding the fitteenth animal session of the Homceopatnic Medical Sock-ty of Michigan, closing to-day. Dr. Wilsou read a paper before the society yesterday entitled " Relations of Specialists to the Profession." About twenty-five couple attended the Sophotuore supper at the St. James last Friday night. The liteiary program was as follows : Oration, F. E. Cutler; pocm, MissC. E. Lonnan; history, W. II. Sherzer; prophecy, Miss Kate Orr. Toasts- "College Life," J. C. Shattuck; '"80," A. C. Grler; "-87," W. M. Gillet; "Our Ladv Friends,'' H. J. Powell; "The Horse,1' J. G. llaves; "Prospectus," D. G. Dowling. A fine time is reportad. On Finid Day, nextSaturday afternoon, the Ypsilanti gun club will take part In the cl:iy pigeon coutest, the University club being their opponents. In the tug of war the laws aDd medies wíll contest fora box of cigars. Two sets of players from the lawn tennis association will give anexhibition gaine. Most of the prizes throughout are handsome medals. The program begins at 1:30 i BC. It s thought an ürchard Lake delegation of cadets may be in attendance. Alpha Nu had a good house last Saturday nlght on the occasion of the presentation of W. D. Howell's comedy, " The Register." Fred M Scott read an original prologue containing quite a number of local hits. $30 was netted by the play, the cast of characters of whlch was as follows: Ohver Ransom, W. A. McAndrew; Grinnidge, J.M Zane; Ethellleed, Miss Elsie Jones; Nettie Spaulding, Miss Isadore Thompson. It will be repeated at the same place next Saturday evening. In a recent canvass of the students on the queation of presidential and vice-presidential preferences, 1006 votes were cast. For president the result was as follows: Blaine, 380; Edmunds, 211; Arthur, 65; Lincoln, 42; Logan, and AV. T. Sherman, each 10; scattenng 3fi; total Republican vote, 754. The total Democratie vote for president was 252 distiibuted as herewlth: Tilden, 167; Butler, 26; Bayard, 12; Carlisle, Randall, iind Cleveland, each 11; scatterincr, 14. For vice-president, "41 Republican votes were cast as follows: Lincoln, 612; Edmunds, 28; Blaine, Lo;an, V. T. Sherman and Hawley, each 7; scattering, 71. The 265 Detnocratic votes were received by the different canlidates as herewlth indicated: Hendrickg, 44; (Jarlislp. sii ici-T.„id, is, j,. and, 12; Hoadley, 9; Morrison, 7; scatering, 57. The facnlty votcd is folows: - For president: Edmunda, 25; Arthnr, 2; Baj'ard, 2; Tilden, 2; scatternjr, 6. For vice-president: Lincoln, 15; ïayaid,2; Hawley, 2; no choioe, 9; toal, 37.