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THE KING OF SIAM Presents to tbe Iiiitish Ambassador a Few Hairs of the White Elephant- They are Presented in a Golden il Fifty Thonsand Dollars Could not buy the Animal. Sir John Bowring, in liis work upon ' Siam, And lts People," States "tliat $50,00 hardly represent the pecuniary value f a white elephant - a hairfromüs tail is worth a Jew's ransora. It was my good brtune," sayshe, "to present to theKing f Siam, the gifts with which I had been harged by my royal mistress (Queen Vicoria). I received many presents in reurn; bnt the monarch paced in my hand golden box, locked wjtli a golden key, nd be informcd me the box contained a gift far more valuable thun all the rest - AND THAT WAS A FEW HAI1ÍS OF THE WHITE ELEPHANT!" Foreaugh's will be liere May 31st. Hood's Sarsaparilla Is designed to meet the wants of a large portion of our people who are either too poor to employ a physician, or are too íar removed to easily cali one, and a still larger class who are not slck enough to requlre medical advlce, and yet are out oí sorts and need a medicine to build them up, glve them an appetlte, purify their blood, and oil up the machlnery oí their bodles so it will do lts duty wilüngly. No other article takes hold of tlia sy stem and bits exactly the spot like HOOD'S SARSAPARILLA It works like magie, reaching every part of the human body through the blood, giving to all renewed lite and energy. My friend, you need not take our word. Ask your neighbor, who has Just taken one botHe. He will teil you thafr " It 's the best dollar I ever invested." Lebavon, N. H., Fcb. 19, 1879. MESSR9. C. I. Hood & Co.: Dear SirsAlthough greatly prejudlced against patent mediclnesln general, I was induced, irom the excellent report I had heard of your Sarsaparilla, to try a bottle, last December, íor dyspepsia and general prostration, and I liave received very gratiying resultsfrmu lts use. I am now using the second bottle, and consider it a very valuable remedy lor Indigestión and its attendant troubles. Y0Ur3trUVV:C.CHÜECHILL. (Firm of Carter & Churchill.) A gentleman who QninfíJ has been suffering irom """ the DebilUy and Languor 1f Dr,, in se peculiar to this season, ' v ' uuiiuv says: "Hood's Saksatakilla is putting new llfe right lnto me. I have gained ten pounds slnce I began to take it." Has taken two bottles. Hood's SABSAPARiLtA is sold by all druggists. rrlce$lper bottle; slxforSS. Ptepared by C. I. HOOD & CO., Lowcll, Mass. _i__ Repei.eration for pTCTTf Ik enfeebled systems, in LI I EM #lsofferint{fromageD" etltlRATH Hiita usual ooncomilSSi#ir tbis ïrand rcqaire BTOMACHrm.ii whicb makM U IBH 3 % Hoetetli-r'8 stomach Ql I I ¦ . BittiTs bo effeciive J I fc a an invlgurant. or sa'e by uil DruggJets and Dealers gcnerally.


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