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By a unanimous vote tho Benate on the I3th passcd a bilí to placo General Grant on tho retired list wil h fu!l rank and pay, and a petition was prosented to put General Fremont also on 1he relired list. The Indian Appropriation bill was oompleted and passoa Jn the House the Sen&te bil! providing lor civil govermnent in.Maska was passeü. The bilí provides for the appointment of a Governor and a District fcóurt with civil and criminal jurisdiction. ; A lisothï debato took place In the Sonate on the Hth on the bill for tho rstabiisbinont of a Bureau of Labor Btatistios, but no action was taken. ... In the House resolutions were reported un?oatinir Mr. McKmley, frora the Eighteenth Onio District, uncl Mr. Peollc, froin, tbe Seventh Imliaiui District. A favorable report was made on a bill for a mint at St. Louis. The Consular and Diplomatic Appropriation bill was debated. A motion to abolish the otlice ot Ministerto Great Brltaln was lost. Mr. Ci'Llom tatroduced ;i bill in the Sonate on the löth to prevent speoulation by offleers of National banks. Mr. Moijan offered a resolution direotinjr the Finance Committee to investígate the National liank suspensions in New Vork. A bill was passed to aid tue New Orleans Exposition to th aniount ot' $l,(JOi,000. Adjourned to the l!)ih In the House the Diplomatic Appropriation bill was furtbor debated. The Senate was not in se.ssion on the lfith. .. . In tne House, in Committee of the Whole, the River and Harbor, the Diplomatic and the Army Appropriation bilis were debated and favorably reported to the House. The evininff session was devotod to work on pension bilis. DCMESTIC. U to the lötli the total exports oL gold from this country Bince Janoary amounted to $35,925,497. The stock speculativo dealinga in New York openctl m a dist ui Bert conattlon on the 14th, and soon after tlie Kxchange began business rumora of failurea created a panic, the following concerns closing their doors: Nftlson, Kobinson & Co., Gaff & Randall, O. M. Bogart & Co., bankers; J. C. Williams, Hatch & Foot, Dounell, Lawson & Simpson, Hotehkiss & Burnham, the Metropolitan Bank, and the Atlantic State Bank of Brooklyn. Prices suffered seriously, some shares touching the lowest figures for years. The House Association adopted measures by which the banks were to stand by each other, and, in a nianner, this restored confidence, values showing an impioveinent nt the close. It was confidently assertsd that the Metropolitan Bank would soon resume, and that a continuance of the "scare" was beyond the bounds of probability. At lcading trade centers there was comparatirely no excitement, and a feeling of confideijce that no general panic was impeuding was expressed. A hubricajje, accompanicd by torrents of rain, prevailed a few nights ago in Jackson County, West Virginia. The rushing streams swept away fences, outhouses, and in some instances dwellings. At Frankland Mrs. Collins and Ler two children were drowned. A savijígs bank at öt. Joseph, Mo., with deposits of $1,800,000, suspended on the Hth. A fbrhy-boat and a sail-boat collidedat Duluth, Minn., a few days ago, and four persons were drowned. It was discovered on the Hth that John C. Eno, President of the Second National Bank of New York, was short $2,000,000 in his accounts, but his fathei' madegood the deficiency. By collision on the Í4th between freight and gravel trains on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, near Connellsville, Pa., fourteen laborers were killed and twelve others ïnjured, some of the victims being roasted to death. ¦ Dr. S. A. RicmioxD's Medical Company at St. Joseph, Mo., failed on the Hth for $150,000, with no assets. The money was mo3tly owing to newspapers for advertising. The Metropolitan National Bank of New York resumed payment on the 13th, and n improved condition of affairs prevailed at the Stock Exehange until about fifteen minutes before the close of hu'" tlu failure of Fisk ót Hatch was announced, causingasensation, asïlr. Hatch was President of the Stock Exehange. Then prices tumbled, and the market closed in a chaotic condition. No serious disturbances were reported throughout the country, the ¦feeling prevailing that the storm could be weathered. President ARTnuR on the 15th issued a proclamation restoring to the public domain the lands set apart by an executive order as a reservation for the Jicarilla or Apache Indians in the northwestern part of New Mexico, embracing 307,000 acres. W. Booan Cash, the Soutli Carolina murderer of Marshal Richards, was killed the other night while resisting arrest by a posse in charge of Deputy Sheriff King. Thk Papachoag Mili, near Worcester, Mass., was burned to the ground on the night of the löth, causing a loss of !H50,000. Several of the employés jumped from the Windows, soma being fatally hurt. It was feared that bodies would be found in the ruins. I The National Bank of Commerca was organizad at Minneapolis, Minn., on tho löth, the capital stock being $1,000,000. Six men were fatally scalded a few days go by the burstins of a steain pipe at the Pennsylvania steel-works at Harrisburg. The Tuna Valley Bank at Bradford, Pa., closed its doors on the lOth. SknatorSherman1 statedat Philadelphia on the 15th that in his judgmenfc the country was not on the verge of a panic, and that the present troubles were merely local. He said laat reckless speculation was the cause of the existing diffïeulties, and the remedy was for people to refrain from dealing in securities or producís which they did not hold or control. He thought the present flury would make the people more cautious, and would turn their attention more toward legitimate business enterprises. A. A. Shaw, Treasurerof Claro CounH-, Micb., was bucked andgagged on the nilit oí the 14th, at Harrison, the county seat, and robbed of $5,000 by unknown men. Füllt 2,000 persona attended the opening of the General Assembly oL the Presbyterian Church at Saratoga, N. Y., on tho 15th. Dr. Hayes, oL Denver, was choseu Moderator. At the session in Baltimore on the 15th of the African Methodist Episcopal Conference decided ground was taken against camp-meetings. At the ninth annual meetinj; of the National Temperance Society and Publication' House in New York a few days ago it was shown that the receipts for the year were VTÍ.ÍOO; expenses, f "2,000. The past year had been prosperous, and over $10,000 wasl expended in missionary work among the; freedmen of the Southern States. At Petersburg, Ind., on the lCth an entire block, in which were a hotel, uewspaper office, dry goods stores, law and doctors' offices, was destroyed by fire, causing a loss of about $70,000. While returning from a wedding party the other day at Russelville, Ark., Mis. Polier and Mrs. Lyon were thrown trom a wagon and killed. The National Convention of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, held at Cleveland on ths 16th, passed resolutionsdeelaringfidelity to the free institutions of the United States, while unchanged in tiaeir love for their motherland, and dcclaring tho organization entirely Roman Catholic inita tendencies. Heavy rains in Texas on the lCth were greatly damaging tho growing crops, and farmers were becoming uneasy. William T. Ditsch, a wealtby landowner of Monroe County, 111., and Mis. Monroe Gray were shot dead by the latter's husband at Smith's Landing on the löth. Mr. Gray discovered Ditsch and Mrs. Gray undersuspiciouscircumstancus, and the shooting followed. Fbost in Southeïn Wisconsin on the night of the 15th damageil fruits, vegetables and growing crops. The temperance workers of Chicago roet on the lOth in Farwell Hall to jjrovido' iiioans for caiTylng on Hie rnisafle comraenced by Francis Murpby. The anïiouneement was made that over tbree thousand persona bad already sigued the pledge. Tin in large quant I "s ras recently found in Mason County, W. Va., causins nuicli excitement. The excitement in the New York Petroleum Exchange on the 10lh was never equaled. Prices oponed at 71, and a little after twelve o'clock feil to (5 'í. Many men who went to the exchange rioh went home poor. 4 Two brothers 'named Pope and a man named Kukendall vere lynched near Little Rock, Ark., a few days ago for murdering a peddler nanied Ward. Riley Anderson and James and Alfred McCullough, father and son, colored, were hanged on the lOth at Greenville, S. C, for. murder, and George A. Horn and William Gribben were executed at Ashland, O. There were 222 failures in the United States and Canada during the seven daysj ended on the l(!th, against 152 the previous seven days, distri'juted as folio ws: Middle States, 39; New Englaud, 32; Southern, .12; Western, 58; PaeiQc States and Territories, 2G; Canada, 86. At the opening oL the New York Stock Exchange on the Kith considerable excitement was eaused by the announcement of the failure of several flrms of brokers and the suspension of the Newark (N. J.) Savings Bank, but before the close of business confidence had been restored and the panie was eonsidered at an end. PEKSONAL AND POLITICAL. Cyrus H. McCormick, the inventor of the reaping machine, and one of the most notable men of this generation, died at his residence in Chicago on the morning of the 13th, in his seventy-ninth year. He was bom in Virginia, and emigrated to the West in 1817. His estáte was estimated at $20,000,000, which descends to his wife and fivo chüdren. O'Conor, tlievenerable lawyer of New York, passed qnietljr away on the 13th at Nnntucket, Mass., in his eightieth VCSl'. l!o '' '¦ ¦¦¦-"- f-ntiTTintcvt üt $1,000,000. Senator MorriïjI., of Vermonf, was absent from his seat in the United States Senate on the lüth for the flrst timo in twentyuine years of legislative service. Michael Gaynob, Aldennan from the Ninth ward OÍ Chicago, was probably fa;tally shot in the head by James Dacey during an ailray in a saloon on Halsted street on the even ing of the 13th. The House Committee on Elections at; Washington on the 33th decided to report in favor of English (Democrat) in the contested election case of English vs. Peelle in the Soventh Indiana District. A BILL establishing free trade with the United States has passed the Legislature of San Domingo. ' Leadin'G business men of New York, to fhe nuniber of six hundred or more, called on John Jacob Astor, B. H. Bristow and lOthers on the lüth to desígnate a time and place to expross approval of the Administ tration of President Arthur, and voica their wish tbat he bc renoiniuated at Chicago. Judge A. C. Thomtsox has boen nonv ;inated for Congressman by the Republio,ans of the Tweltth Ohio District. The National Monopoly Conven,tion met in Chicago on the llt'i, twentylone States being repressnted. B. F. Butler was nominated for President, and a platform was adopted declaringthat labor land capital should be allie.i, not enemies; ,that corporations should be controlled by !law; that there should be the greaiest reduction practicable in public expenses; that Bureaus of Labor Statistics, State and National, should be established; that the National Eight-hour law should be en.forced; that the importation of foreign labor under contract be made Ilegal, and that the present tariff should be reformed, because it is or;pressive and in the interest of monopolies, and not of labor. The Virginia Democrats met in Stilte Convention at Richmond on the 14th and elected delesates to the National Convención favorable to Tilden for President. The platform adopted favors a tariiï for revenue only and the immediate abolition of the internal-revenue system. The New Jersey Democratie State Convention was held at Trenton. nn tli 1JU 'Delegares were elected to the National Convention favorable to Tilden for President, but they were uninstrueted. A platform was adopted declaring for civil-ser,vice reform, a tariff for revanue only, and legislation for the protection of home infdustries. The Michigan Vrohibition State Convention met at Battle Creek on the 14th and elected delegates tr the National Convention. Tho resolutions adopted reaffirmed confidence in the power of the State to suppress the liqur Crafflc; in tho Union Prohibition party of Michigan and the National Prohibition Home Protective party as the only competent political agency to Ithat end, and favored woman suffrage. The Democrats of Dakota Territory met at Pierre on the 1 Uh and electd delegates to the National Convention. A platform ,was adopted deelaring for revenue re;form; that the luxuries of life should pay the expenses of the Government; for jcivil-serviee reform and hard money, and against all sumptuary laws. S. F. Landes lias been nominatel for Congressman by the Democrats of the Sixteenth Illinois District. He was suceessful on the two hundred and tbird ballot. A sub-committee of the National Republican Central Committee niet in Chicago on the 15th, and visited the Exposition building. John C. New announced that tickets to the conventiou would be ready May 31. Seats had baen provided for 9,241. Robert Lowry has been renominated for Congressman by the Democrats oí tlia Twelfth Indiana District, and Jonas G. Howard is the nominee in the Third District. Judge Richard Reíd, a prominent Kentucky Democrat, committed suicide at Mount'Sterling a few days ago by shooting. Ho was believed to have been teinporarily insane. The Democrats of the Louisiana Legislature on the 15th nominated J. B. Eustis for United States Senator on the first ballot. The NebraskaGreenbackers held a Stat Convention at Lincoln on the 15th, and elected delegates to the National Convention who were in favor of Butler for President. At the Methodist General Conference at Philadelphia on the lüth four new (Bishnps were olected as follows: llev.-W. X. Ninde, D. D., of Detroit; Rev. J. M. Walden, of Cinciunati; Rev. C. H. Fowdiw, D. D., of Chicago, and Rev. Dr. MalJalieu, of New England. It was announced on the 15th that Senator Chaffee, tbe millionaire, had lost every cent of bis available resources through tb failure of Grant, Ward & Co., of New York. The Louisiana Democratie State Convention will meet at Baton Rouge June 17. Gexeral W. H. H. Terrill, AdjatantGeneral of Indiana during the war, and at one time Third Assistant PostmasterGeneral, died at Indianapolis on the 16th. General, J. B. Weaver, W. S. Kenworthy, E. H. Gillette and L. H. Weüer were on tho lGth chosen by the Iowa State Greenback Committee uh dolejates-atlarge to tho National Greenback Convention. No State Convention was held. The New York Legislature adjourned tint die on the lCth. General James S. Negi.ey, of Pittsburgh, President of the National Union League, has called a meeting of the National Council at Chicago June 2. lx an address on the 16th before the Senate Committue on Labor at Washington General B. F. Butler Baid the ent labor difliculties were eaused by overproduction. "Amerieans," he Baid, "had a year's erop of gruin on band, and were within three moni lis of another erop. Nearly a year's erop of cotton wus iww slored in tli9 warehouses." FOREIGN. Advices of the 18th from the City of Mexico state that. within ten days six train-wreckers had been captured and shot by Government oflicials. A hürricane was raging at Bathurst, N. B., on the lOth, and many vessels were caucnt in tne Ir. Lás ofTTf ahfl property was feared. The most remarkable railway accident of the age liappened recently naar Paria, France. A freight-train on au elévate track went "IV its rails and feil on a psengei-train whiob was running on a lower level. The engineer of the latter traia was killed and thirty-one passengere ws woundeil. The Mexican Senate has confirmed the reciprocal treaty btween Mexico and Uw United States. Empkror William on the 16th accepted the resignation of Prince Bismaack frui the Presidency of the Cabinet, and appointed as his successor Boetticher, PruI sian Minister of State. The steamship Illyria, from Lirerpoal for Boston, was recently wracked off tfca southwestern coast of Ireland. All i board were saved. latee' HEwa Destrcctive forest fires were rag-lng on the lSth in the vicinity of Bayfield, Wis. A large quantity of standing timber hd been burned and many homesteads dstroyed. The losses would be heavy. A stock train on the Missouri Pacific Road struck a land-slide near Leavenworth, Kan., the other day, and seven cars tippod over into the river, causing the death of eighty head of cattle. Two wealthy farmers naraed Herbert Armstrong and David Brown, residing near Bardstown, Ky., were found dead iu a field a few days ago, shot through tho head. A man named William Freeze was suspected of the crime. A frost on the night of the 17th in Lancaster County, Pa., caused great damage to the growing tobáceo. Three cotton warehouses in Liverpool, Eng., belonging to Molyneaur & Taylor, were the other day damaged by fire to the extent of $500,000. GtamUL Butler, who practically eontrolled the exchange of prisouers while in command of the Army of the James, appeared on the 17th before the Senate Pension Committee in Washington to plead for the bill to pension and pay ex-prisonors of war for the period of their confine ment. James H. Farrar, a wealthy farmer, and John Riggs, a young man, were rtrowned a few days ago in the river near White Sulphur Springs, W. Va. Repoists of the 17th from several sections of Illinois and Wisconsin indicated that tlie grain crops were iu a very healthy condition. Corn-planting was progressing veiy favorably. The repair shops of the New York Central & Hudson River Railroad in New York were burned on the 18th. Loss, $200,000. C. McCulloch, Beecher & Co., of New York, commission merchants, failed on the 17th for $250,000. A heavy wind-storm on the 18th at Decatur, 111., blew down several buildings, and many sha Ie and fruit trees were destroyed. In the surrounding country much damage was dono. Up tothe 17th the amount of specie exported since January 1 was $41,807,055, against $6,121,810 in the same period last year. PrVB crimináis were publicly whipped s fi'w days ago at Newcastle, Pa. Twenty-six horses were killed in a railway wreek near Dalton, Ga., a few evenin's ago. Boxey Bray and William Heudershot, two hard characters, were fatally shot on the 18th by Policeman McAleose, near Pittsburgh, Pa. There was no session of the United States Senate on the 17th. In the H.n he timo was mainly occupied in discuss ng the lndian Appropriation bilL Thé Qucpii ofSsxony makes jam. Olcl Iïyc p:ih beat lier, ho wever; t makos jimJam. - Texas Siftins. BooJ. West used to say, liA kiss from my mother made mea painter." We infcr that i f;reat many sign painters, who tuin out sucli signs as tliis: "John. H. i Smitli. Dealer, iu. Dry. Good's. and-No! tion's" were nover kissed by thoir motli


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