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Toledv, Aun Albor A 6. T. II. It. LOOAT, TIME (jíoíiíjí hito elK-rt Nnmhiy, Fcli. 10,1831. Train run by Central Time, i!'GJí!íTII. __ GOING 8OPTH. ! -_ -ij=' é STATIONS. =S.o N , ]W 'i.m. .si .p.w. 6 40 7 05 Toledo ! 3i I ..:. 15 T 11 Manltatten Janrliou 9 2H 4& 5 63 7 2: Alexis .lunetioii 0 16(4 81 ID 021 7 :ti Itawthnrne 8 IV 1 8(1 8 10 7 li. Samaría 9 U2 I 2E H 25 8 00 l.ulu 3 47 4 04! I (i :l 8 ir. Monroe Junctioii ti 42 :i 59 1 i) 43 g 80 Unndcs 8 M :! 60 H 65 Agalla sai" 10 r08 8 6 Miluii .Imiction 8 W S 25 i? 10 9 03 Milán 8 Uo 2'_ 7 15 !l o Nora 7 69 3 17 7 22 9 22 Urania } 1 3 10 7 Sl' (i 82 Pltssfleld Juucilon 7 27 3 02 7 451 9 50 Ann Arhcr I ... 2 S 03 10 15 Leland " L 2 80 S lll() 29 WonU-n 7 06 2 2.j Sa5 10 .15 80111 hLson B 50 2 10 C'onnections: At Toledo, with rnllroads diversrn?; at Manhattan Jmiction, with Wheeling & Lake Erie K. R.; at Alexis JunctioD, with M. C. H. li., 1-. S. A M. B. Ky. and P. & P. M. R. R.; at Muüroe Jiinction. with L. S. & M. S. líy.: at D1111Jnnction. with Wabash, St. Louig & uy at Pittxflcld, with L.S. M. S. Kv, at Aun Arbor with Michigan Central li. K., añil at South yon with Detroit, I.aiiting A Northern i. H., imd Grand Trunk líy. H. W. ASULEY, General Sipt. W. II. BENNE TT, Gen'l. Pass. Agent. THE LINE SELECTED BY TKE TJ. S. GOV'T 10 CAREY THE FAS1 MAIL COITV "WEST. ONLY LINE RUNNING TWO THE0TÍGH TEAINS DAILY FK0M CHICAGO, PEORÍA & ST. LOUIS, Through the Heartof the Continent 1) way of Pacliic Junction or Oiuaba to DENVER, or vla Kansas City and Atchieon to Denver, eonnectingln Union Depots at Kansas City, Alchisou, üuiaiui iiiid jeuver with throagh traius fur SAN FRANCISCO, and all poluta in the Far West. bhortest Llneto KflWSAS CITY, And all polnta ia tbe Soutb-West. TOURISTS ANO HEALTH-SEEKERS Hhould notforget ttaefacttbat Round Trtp tickets at reduccd raus can bo purcliased vla this (;,-,i,t ThroilBh to all the Health and Pleasure Kesorts of the west and South-West, IccludniE tlieiMountalns of CÜL.OKADO, the Valley of tut Yusenüte, the CITY OF MEXICO, and all poluta In the Maxican JRepubllc. HOME-SEEKERS Blionld also remember that this line leads direct to the heartof theuovwnment and Railroad l.:uuis in ebraska, Kansas, Texas, Colorado and Washington Territory. Itls kimwD as theereat THROUOIt CAK LINE r America, ni 13 unlversally admltted to be the Finest Equippod Hallroad in the World for all clasaea of Travel. Through TIckeM via this Une for sale at nll Rallroafl Coupon Ticket Ollices iu the Uulled States and Canada. T. J. rOTTKR, Vice Fred. and Oen. Manager. 1'üliCKVAL LOWELL, Oen. Pass. Ag't Chicago. JNO. Q. A. BKAN, Gen. Eastern Ag't, dl7 Broadway, New York, and JOU Washington L., Boston. POST-OFFICE NEW& -DEPOT. A Ftill Line Of Cheap Libraries! AND STATIONEET A roiii)lc(e assortnient of common and Funcy Noto and Lettel Papei'. Ehvelopes, Invitation, and ]{c(jticst cafds, Wrlthig l'ackcts, Fino Box Paper?, snltablf lor presentí mil all kindsol' Stutioners' su]]i ics. BLAUK BOOKS Pass Books, Memoiandtnn Bookf, Soratcb Books, Stndents Note Books, Rcnuns, LejU and Medical Indcxes, Bill Books, and nll riX-'e8 of common Note Books. WILLIS ID, Propriotor, And Agent for all NaWspaperg, Magazines und poriodicnis.


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