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WHO IS UNACQUAINTED WITH THE CEOCRAPHY OF THIS COUNTRY, WILL SEE BY EXAriiNING THIS MAP, THAT THE Chicago, Rock Ssland & Pacific Ry, Being the Crent Central Line, affords to travelers, by reasM of ts unrlyaied geographlcal position, the shortcst and best route between the East, Northeast and Southeast, and the West, Northwest and Southwest. It Is Uterally and striotly true, that ts connections are all of the principal llnt of road between the Atlantic and the Pacific. By lts main line and branches It reaches Chicngo, Jollet, Peoria, Ottawa, La Salie, Ceneseo, Mollne and Rock Island, In Illinois; Davenpo-t, Muscatin, Washington, Keokuk, Knoxville, Oskaloosa, Fairfield, Des Moines, West Liberty, lowa City, Atlantic, Avoca, Audubon, Harían, Cuthrle Center and Councll Bluffs, In lowa ; Callatln, Trenton, Cameron and Kansas City, n Missouri, and Leaven worth and Atchison In Kansas, and the hundreds of citles, villages and town Intermedíate. The "CREAT ROCK ISLAND ROUTE," As It Is famillarly called, offers to travelers all the advantage and comforts Incident to a smooth track, safe bridges, Union Depots at all conneeting points, Fast Express Trains, corr.posed of COMMODIOUS, WELL VENTILATED, WELL HEATED, FINELY UPHOLSTERED and ELEGANT DAY COACHES ; a line of the MOST MACNIFiCENT HORTON RECLININC CHAIR CA..S VUT built; PULLMAN1 latest deslgned and handsomest PALACE SLEEPINC CARS, and DININC CARb that aieacknowledged by press and peopie to be the FINEST RUN UPON ANY ROAD IN THE COUNTRY, and In whlch superior mealf re served to traveler at the low rate of SEVEN- --FIVE CENTS EACH. THREE TRAINS each way between CHICACO and ne MISSOURI RIVER. TWO TRAINS eacl, way between CHICACO and M NNEAPOLIS and ST. PAUL, vla the famous ALBERT LEA ROUTE. A New and Direct Line, via Séneca and Kankakee, has recently been opened, between Newport News, Rlchmond, Cincinnati, Indlanapolls and La Fayette, and Councll Bluffs, St. Paul, Minneapolls and intermedíate points. All Through Passengers carrled on Fast Express Trains. For moredetalled nformation, see Mapsand Folders, which may beobtained,a well as Tickets, at all principal Ticket Offices in the United States and Canada, orot R. R. CABLE, E. ST. JOHN, Vtoa-Prea't A Csn'l Manager, Cen'l T'k't A Pas'r Ag't, CHICAGO.


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