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THAT DON'T LIE. The Boyal Baking Powder Co. try to rive the infeieuce tliat thelr powder conblos more ream Tartarand timr its l.a niiiï iovcr is preater than inyoihcr made. H8 stated In thelr advertisement on the "Comparativa Woi-th of Bklns Poivders," exhibited by black linee. name was mentioned in conneciioii willi one of our cheaper branda, made of diftVrent materlals as the trade might demand. Our ream Tarjar brand of Andrew's I'earlwas oinitied, evidi'iitly tor a very fcood reason, jmlainj; f,'om the relative mi-ril of Andrew's "PbXRL " and the Royal, as cleaily demoMBtrated by the Government Cliemist, Dr. Pbtkb CoiiLiER of the Department of Agiïcultuie, at Washington, trom samples reoeived by him trom dealers who furnUhéd the samples trom their stocks on liand in open market. sliowlns cess of Crean) Tartar In Andrewi' I" Q pfl I I ICDC' AMAI VOIO - f" ' - N. U. S. DKPT OF AaRTCTLTURE. Í , j Washixutox D. C, March 10, 1883. ( C. E. Andrews & Co.- Gentlemen : I received by L fromThos. Lydon and J. P. Ilarkinsit Co", 1 ii- -a Grand Ave., Mihvaukee, and HarperBros., Chicaa üo, 111 , samples of Andrews' Pesirl and Roya] Bakn 1 I m" 'i'10 Cilns were in good conditlon J B B when received ai'.d tlieseals unbrokeii. I tind upon i CO B 9 analysis that Andrews' Pearl BaUing Powder conffl I I B tains about four and a lial! (-l'á) per cent. more OH I ¦ ¦ cream larlar than the Knyal Baking PowtLer, ! B I i g ¦ and a praporllonately tarer percentage I ¦ of carbonic acid gtu, and ¦ Huri it tu !¦ I f 'ree fruiu aluin, and any injiiriou I ïtanoes. I I Sincerely yours, ! ' H PETER COLLIER, ív P &gtfgg0 LT. S. Chemist, Dept. of Agricuhure. ¦ ? ¦ Gorameii CtefistCollier's Analysis as to the Leaveninc Qnalities. andrews' pearlBHHHHHHHHBBBBH ROYAL HHHHi ]So wonder the Royal Co. omitted Andrews' Pearl from their ' Comparative iist," as Government ChemUt Collier's analysis shows uonclusively two things: lst That Andrew.-' Pearl contalna more C'ream Tarlar than the Royal. is shöwii by the cute above; 2d, That the Leaveiiing l'ower of Andrews' Pearl is greaier than the Royal, as shown by the two black lines above. CHALLENGE. ¦Ye will Ksve the Royal Co. or any one else $1.000 or $5.000 if they eau prove by any fair mutual test that Andrews" Pearl Baking Powder does, or ever did, contain alura or any infurioua substances, and this challenge is open fo rever. Andrews Pearl Baking Powder is sustalned by a testimonial as to itspurilyaiid Mrengln 'oy the only genuine comtnis-ioned Government chemist, such as the Royal Co. „ever haveublished. Tnv It. & 287, 289 & 291 E. Water St, Mllwaukee. 45 Michigan Ave., Chicago.


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