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POWDER Absolutely Pure. Tliis powder never varios. A marvel of purlty.strengUi and wholesoineness. Moreecunoinioal than the ordlnary klmls, andcannot oh S'ld in coMirctition wlth tlie niultHiide ol low lest. silo t ueigln aluui or phosphate powders. Sold only 'n cans Royal Baking I'owdeh Co., 1UH Wall til. N. Y. ffiiticura A Pol}ive Cure for Every Form of Skin and Blood Ditcase, ¦trom Pimple lo Scrofula. TH0USAND8 of Lettere In our possesion repeat Ihis story : I have been n errlblu sullVrer for ycare with Bt öd and Skin Humor ; have be n nblig d to Bhun pubhc places bv re pon of my disfliurin.' hnnior.-; have h d the best phAsieia's; n ivo íu nt hun' red of dollars and aot no real relie1" UTilil 1 lis ¦! ihi' COTICDBá Rn-ni.vKriT. the ncw Biood t'unfl t, ineniHllv, and Cutxura nnd Cutiurtiso p,t e (ireat Sk 'n l'urea and skin Hamitt fi-'rp, cxte'iiallv, whioh have cnf-d me and lelt mv kiu and bl od ai pure us a child's. Almost Incredible. Jjimee E. KtcharcUoDi Cuooin House, Ncw Orleans, en o'tli, su.vk.- In 18"0 Sqrolalona Ulcers brokeout on my hodv until I wis a maïs nf corrup tlon. Bvt-ryttalna kn iwn totao medical faonlty was irie'l in van!. 1 heL'jiiue a mi-re wreek. At time could nut lilt my lian s to mj In-ad, could not l urn in bed ; wad in cm kt siiit puin, and looki-d upo l iie ah a cu-se. No relief r core i ien yearii. In 1880 1 heard oi Ihe Cui. ura Ut-modiee, üsed them ai.d perlectly d. Swoin to bc. ure L. S. (V-m., J. I). CiiAWPonn. Still Moro So. "w ill McDoiMld, ioli Utvtrborn Street, Chlcaeo, gratefuUy anknowledes a careof Kczema, rSalt Rhenm, on liead, uuck. race, arm-, and les tor strv ii n years ; DOtabletu mov1, except on hnnda and kneei?, for one yaar; not atilo toh-lp hlmpoli for eight years ; trietl huudrt-d- oi remedies; öLoctorn pruii(niK(d Mi-í cae tutpe'cd.-, pcrai;me.ily cu red by the Cuncura Ke medies. More Wonderful Yet. H. E. C.trprnter, N.Y., cu d of Pdoilasls or Leproey, o. iwenty yar-' etindlng, hy Caticnra liftuedtes. Tde moft wnnricrfoi cure on record. A dufttpanful of scalua feil from him datly. Pliyslcians Hiid hisi [rienda ihoulit tu; mat die. Cure evCorn to bui ore a justíce ai the peace uiid llenderöUll'b DJOSt prumiüeut CitïZ D8. Don't Wait. Writelo us lor these testimonial in ful or eend direct to the partita. All are ab-olutely true and giveu without our knowledai-or f olicit:ition. Don't walt. Now is the time to cure every npecie" ol liching, scaly, Pimply, Scronijout, lnh-rited,ContiKl"u, ad C'pper-colored Diseases of the Blood, bk'ii and Scalp wlth Lo-s of Hair. Sold by ail druf,'gis!s. Price: Cnticura, 50 ets.; RfBolvent, $1; s, ai, 2i cte. POT i'Jüli 0lLUü AND UUÉMICALCÜ., Boaton, Haas. B- A llTxr for Koii'.'h, C'happed and Oily DCAU I T skin. liiackheade, and Skin Blemishes, iie Cuticura Soap. CATARRH Head Colds, Watnry Dlscliarüea from thcXosnand Evf'8 KlnKluK NolBefl In the Iltail. Nervous lleadaelie aiirt Kever Infitantly relleved. Chöklng mueus disloccd, mcmlirane oleansed and healèd breath iweetened, Rniell, taste, and hearing rostored. and ravages clieckcd. Bronchitis, Dropplngs Into tin' Palns In the chest, Dyspepsta. Casting of Strongih auu Fleeh, Loss of Sleep, etc, cured. One liuttle Radical furo, one box Catarrhal Solvont and one Dr Sanford's Inhalor, In one nackaRO, of all drnsoiata forai. áak for Sanford Eadloal Cure, a puredlstlllatlonof Wltch Hazel, Am. Ping, Ca. FIr. Slarigold, ciuvi-r Bloasoma, ete. Pottbb Diuü a.m Chemical Co., lioston. Ïi B L¦¦ Collies' Viltaic Electric Piaster [3 ' BI instautly afli'Cts the Nervous PM ¦¦ ¦ ¦¦¦ SyKtem and banluhea Pain. A IIIIU1";': IJH'ir.i. Batteki yrlIIB' ïbinecl with a Pokocs IS THE CKÏ j.'i'.ViSL" S. %&- " - o, RnTWorn i Out pirtï, trenittliQllcrrRiyfl kERVE ri TIn-d MuscleB. prevent I, .Si 'ïnddoesraore ta on.-half the Urne than au ólhèiTuaiu'rinthë'worW, Sold everywliere. moro fllrocöy at tho flavor ajfff : You tako tho emoke cooler, and tne iohic dëaXr and Bafer. Pire smoking 1b sinokinK reducod to a fine art. The more the questiou of adulteratcd tobáceo forcea itself on the attention of raiiokera, the moro dcsirablo it becomes to lmow i-recisely what you are Bmokmg. Iu Blackwell's Buil Durham Smoklngr To ¦ bacco you have afruarautee, alwajB, that it is Nature b own unadulterated rroduct. Ita frarrance, flavor, and unBurpaüBed quallty , aro do, rived froin the boü and air. ttéM W Tryit, aodyouwlllbeMiWmM gm iafied None frenuine witheJJBk& out trade-mark of the Buil. MH Bmokiua Tobacco, and Ihcy cnjoyit. fÖSrtCKMiVifüSS CO., ioi 2188, 1" 0'. J" Ofliio. llamillon Block. Ann_Arl__ SUBSCRIBE for the COÜRIER.


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