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For 13 years the city weigher of Salem has stifí'ered witli p&ralyslt In botli lejrs, making t impossible for hini to walk unaiJ of a cnitciï iVwaVëxce'eifilisïy"iia'iif 'iG drag himself ilont;. As au experiment he was advised to try trlcyclinjf. Incridible as it may seem, he became i tricyclist, and eau propel h:s machine as wi-11 H8 many who have the perfect use of tlieii legs. He his sufflcient Ptrengtb to pu-h upon tlie peíais, and as one pedal soes down, the othcr pedal litts the other leg. He rides his Columbiu tricycle to and from his office d:iily, and has ruiden all over the city, attraelinjr (Cret attention, for he s one of the old pioneer (hip captains ui' Salem, :ml is pertonally acquainteil with almost everyboily in tlie neiyhborlicmil. liecently he maden trip to Swampscott on his tricycle, adbtauiHH out and back, of eijiht miles, bilt he was assisted by a bicvclist, who, conneottng tlie Öicycle and tricycle by a rope, towed him part of the ilistance. The city authorities contémplate ereclingalittle housi1 for the machine neal his offlce. - Boston Herald. An exchange says: ''Á paper tobe ftrrt class, must receive first-class support First-class support c uisists in every subBCliber paying lus sutiscription in advance patronizmg the job department instead o Mfldlng the woik to foreis ofiices, and i every way giving the p;iper your raora help. Taking and reaUingit, and uot piiy inj; for it wil] liever do. Moral BUppor of itself was never known to run newspa pers; moral supiiort cannut be utilizo vvheu ink and paper bilis are to be pak The men who work on new.-pnpcrs ar human, und enjov corned beef andcab bage as well as other people. The atmos pbere in thls localky containg i lar amount of ozone and is very bracing, th scenery very grand and picturesquc, bu nevertheless it seems to be one of nature' laws Uiat one can"t pay for printlng mate rial with ozone, or feed workmen on beau tiful scenery."


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