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Decoration Day

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The followingexplains itself, and gl ves n detail the general program of ihe Post of O. A. R. Headclartïrs Post Xo. 17 ) ü. A. R. Dtp'T. oe Michigan] V Ann Akiior, May 26, '84 ) CÍENEKAI, Oüdkiï Nu. 1. 1. Li compliance with the Itules and Regnlationsof the G. A. R., and in obedience to orders from National and Department Headquarters, this Post will observe Kriday, May 30th, Memorial Day, by strewing the graves of onr dead comrades wlih flowerfl, and unitinfj wllh our fellow citizens In memorial services to be held at ünlversity Hall. 2. Themembersof the Poet will assemble at the Post room promptly at 8 o'clock a. m., Friday, May30th. All honorably discharged soldicrs and i-ailorsarecordially invited to meet with us and join in the cacred dnly of placlng flowers upon the last resting places of the noble dead , who died that the nation mi(;ht live. 8. The adjntant will detail eight comrades to act as a flrln;; party. 4. At 8:30 Friday morning details of the Post will proceed to St. Thomas and the Fifth ward cemeteriea and placo flowers upon the graves of all our comradea burird in thosc ctmeterles. At Hu1 Soldiere' Monument in the Kiftb ward cometcry appropriate ceremonies ill bo held. 3. Upon the return of tbc details íroui tho I'.ñii ard and St. Thomas eemeteries the i'ust 11 fo m on the south side of the Oonrt House and marrh to Fortvt II: ,1 cetneterv, theiv to Itrow wlth flower the gravea of oor dep:irted e imnidea, and hold memorial sen icos at the grave ut Ctl. Welcfc, the brave aoldfer af'er ivhom our Poit is nanied. ti. The Ladle-' Do.roration society have kindly coissented to collect, reccive and arrange flowero. ('oiinnitteeK ol' that socielywill bn at the C'onrt. House and the Filth w.-irtl entine honse l'r that purpose. Eaeh comrade 8 earnestly reqoesttd to do all that he can to aid the ladies, to the end that they niay h;ve an ampie supply of flow;rH aa early as S oVluck ol' thai morninï. 7. At 1:80 f. M. the Tost wilt nnite with the City Authoritie-, Civic Societi'1!?, Univerpity Anthoriüe?, Studenta of the Universityar.d Public Schools in miinorial services in honor of the heioic dead to le held in CTotTertlry HV1. By Order cf Hbmiy S. Dean, l'oet Coininaiuku'. Ohaklks 11. Mnlt, Adjutant. 'i'iie program of services to be held at UnivetMty Hall in the aftcriioon is given below. The procession will form nnder the dlrectlon of Major Ilarry Soule, Marsiial of the Daj-, on the corner of Main and Hnron Street, at 1:30 o'clock P. M. [mmedlately on arrlving at University Hall, where scals will be reservcd tor persons in the procestion, the servioes will proceed ns folio wb: 1. Dirge 1. Music ;i. l'rayer Rev. Kuseell B Pope 4. Hymn 5. Introductor; t'o!. H. S. Dean, Chr. ol Com ti. Addrcss Hon. Austiu Scott 7. Music 8 Poem Prof. Cha. E. Greent 9. Hymn- America 10. Benediction Rcv. Wm. II. Ryder The Orchard Lake Cadets, in full force, will reach here about noon, and will take part in the exercises of the day. In a ïypnprnl cirpnl -if to our oitiono the COIHtnittee mike the followiuir snpi'inl ragiiMt of the ladies: " The ladies of Ann Arbor and vicuiity are invited to collect flowers and assiít the Ladies Devoration Society in arrangiiig them. Ileadquarters for the reception of ïlowers. Horticultura! Kooms tt Court House and Filtli ward engine boute. With line weatber, our city's observauce of next Friday biels fair to be very successful and wcll carrled out. IjOt al! appi'opriatcly observe tlie day.


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