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The Tea Party

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The Arotind the AVorld Tea Party was given at the II. E. church Friday evenng and t proved such R success that it was repeated tle next night Many tickets had been sold during the week and a large number was assmed to be in attendance, while the active preparatione assured also a sueccss in point ofarrangpments. Tlie rooms wcre dccorated with the tiags of various nations and the foreign couutrics wcre further represen ted by booths preBlded over hy ladies in cosi.u_. V puil CIHLTHJg UIL' ii;ti„ 14, ,utcntion was first caught by a Japanese pagoda onder the charge of the Mlsses Jireakey and Bailey, assisted by Messrs. Ferdon and Smith. They wcre greatIr aided by Hears, Fijikawa and Sbirafji, the two Japanese gentlemen In the University. Near by was the Spanish booth, preslded over by Mrs. H. W. Rogéis, who was aided by Prof. Rdgere and Mlas Winner. Across the room was the Frenen booth In eommand of Miss PmuI, who h:id as assistants the Misses Jacobs and Randolph and Messrs. Bea], Gay and Booth. Scotland was not far off wlu'ie was Mrs. Douglass uilli Miss Knowlton and Mr. C. Hendrlckson. Mis. Pope made a great suocefs of the Germán booth, lielpeil by Dr. Dnrllng, Misses Johnson, Cowell and Payne. The Itallan booth Miss Whedon cared for together with Mr. Pliilli,n. (:l;..-,.,i (¦ anty rt r n i tnrtne Wiiedon. Ireland had her stand with Mrs. WallüM UÍM, Mrs. Will Bliss and Mrs. Rockwell as representatives. Our own America was in chaige of Miss Ferdon and Miss F. Breakey, aaaisted by several young Misses of the chuich. Tliere were not many present who missed the Gypsy camp and the telling of tlieir fortunes. Mrs. Ames was the mysterious personage there enshrouded in gloom. Her little gypsies were the Misses Nellie and Ruth Ames and Spence. Ontslde of these bootlis was a pictnrcsqiie couple with a llttle handorgan, whoperainbulated the room plav ing and taking in coppers. They were Deyoe Douglaa and Paul Pope Another feature Bttracting a crovvd was the crayun ïketehing by the aitist Mr. B. li. Morgan, who deftiy made sketches of those who presented themselves. The rooms were filled and about $150 was clearcd. To Mrs. Bailey, in great p.irt, credit is iue for its sncossful management.


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