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Humor in (lio Stoniacll. Mucli ol the diatrew mi sicknesa iiltiibntcil to il.'.spcpsin, chronlc diirrhoea and other cause Isoccasloneil by bumorln the stomach. Su ve ral casos, witli nlllhecharactcrlstlos of these eoraplalnts, have been cured by Hood's Sarsaparilla. Other cures effected by thlí mediciné aro -" wonderftil tlml the simplest statemenl of them affortta the best proof that t oomblnee rare curati agenta and when once used secure the eonfldence of the people. Ai) .i ilude i ccils, to mke llni i i;ii:iTDIl Of l'aslliollidile talr, I ti) lüivc llií temper nifBed.- Boston 'finí ¦-. Rognlar. One of thc strongest proofi of tlie valué of Kiilm-y -Vort a a-femedy for .-ill rtU,-:,, s of the Kldneys, Llver nd Bowels, s the t'aof tlmt it is n?ed mul preícrlbed by "regular" PlillllpC Ball.'u. M. D.ofMonkton, Vi, si.vs: "Tiike t ni) n ull. it s tlio must Micoi'ssiiil remiily I llave ever used.1' A rana iiamed Qnltar is :i cniídldate for Gnvernor of Missouri. His aumUtuenll will probably "pluy ülm for all lic is uorth." - Eb'ausville Arn-. t3f lo it Yoiirsoll'. Wlth Diamond Dyes any lady ohm eet ns 2:001] rexults is the best' practical dyer. Every dye warranted true tn rjHtne ""1 sample, loc. at drugztete. Wells, Richardson & Co , Builington, 't. " Tlie stars above ure not unlike this tar," said a wag, of a sailor eatlng his hardtnck, because, you see, lie has a {naw-bit of liis min, - Yonkert Qazette. Kl .,.,1 Van. "Wells' Health Renewer" restorea liealth and vio;or, cures Dyspepsia, Impotence, Sexual Donility. $!. Lotü of People get billlous, hay e heavy headaclie., mouth íonl, 5'ellov eyes, etc., all the direct restilt oí impuro blood whlch can bo thorougbly cleaosed, renewed and enriohed with Kidney-Woi t. It acts at the saine time on the Kidncys, Liver and Bowels and has more real virttie in a package tlian can be found In any other remody for the sanie clasa of diseiises. "Rough 011 Rats." Clears out rats, mice, roaclies, flies, ants, bed-bugs, skunks, chipmunks, gophers. 15c. Druggists. As the campaign approaches cyclonet will beeome leu frequent Politiclantwill bccome less fretiuent. Politicians will neeil all tho wind tliey can store forstuinpIng the country thig fall. - Scisaor. Want of Falth. If Sberbacb & Son, the Druggist does 1101 suurccü it is not for the want 01" f 'aith. He lias such faith in Dr. Bosanko's Cough and Lung Syrup as a remedy for Cough'8 Coldg, Consumption, and Lungaffecttons, tliat lie will gire away a bottle tree to each and every one who is In need of a medicine of that kind. BÁLL'S 0t A tl ''''" T.BaiLl 1M COBSETS The OXLY IOR8KT made that cnn be ri'turncil lv lt3 purolmaer aftcr tliret weck wenr, ir not fuunii PERFECTLY 8ATISFACTORY in every rwpect, ml lts pS" ffiïdéïbyMllèr. Made in a varlety ot stjlCB anl priesa. Sold by llrst-i-lnü dralen everywhere. Beware of worthles Imitations. íone srenuin unlens 't lias líall's liante on the bux CHICAGO CORSET CO., Chicago, lí. F rwale only hy w INKS& WORDEN


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