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'JoVdi, Aun Albor & (J. T. I. B. URAL TI MR TABLA. Goiny uto ert'ec) Sundiiy, Peb. 10, 18S4. ron by Central Tiüie, '¦"I ' VI; I !.' GOl'XG SOüfíT - ! c "5 í-TATIONS. á y ó o I'.M.I VM A.M P.. 5 40 7 05 Toludo '.l SM .a' 45i 7 II Manhntten Junction 9 2u,4 48 ó KJI 7 23 Alexia Junclitm J l(i4 3 6 02 7 Sj llawihoriie 9 1UI4 30 6 10 7 4i Sainarla 9 U2 4 22 H 25 8 0 Lulll 8 47 4 (M B 30 8 15 Monroe JunctiuD IU 42 3 511 8 i:l 8 30 Dundee S 30,8 60 8 63 8 '' Azulia ti 20 3 40l 7 U8 X 6! Milán .luoction 8 0 8 2 1 '.i 0:! Milán s 0 S 22 7 15 B 09 Nora j ,'. % 17 1 17 22 o 22 Urult I 4u Ï 10 1 Í2 B 82 Pitieñtld Jaoctlon U 27 S 02 7 45 I) SO Aun Arhor I ,.,2 4!i 5 031 10 1") I,eland 7 J 80 8 1llO2S U orden 7 tH2 30 6 86(10 86 Somh L-on _B0J2_li Cnnnpctfoni: At Toledo, with railroads diverKíml'; nt Uudmttu Junctioo, with Wheeling & Lul;.' Erle K. I.: at Alexia JuDcllon, with M. C. I-. l., U B. & M. 3. By. and P. & P. M. K. R.; at Monroe Juoction. with L. S. fc M. 8, Ky.; at üiindee, th L. 8. A M. 8. Ky., M. a O. Ky.; at Milán JunöUoji. with V'aha-h. i""" rnclflc Ky.: ntP.ffí(lcI(],ilti L. A M.Ö. Ky.: at Aun Arhor iih Michigan Central K. K., aod nt Soutli Lyon iih Detroit, Lanting Jt Nüithern K. K., uud Grand '1 runk Ry. B. W. ASIILEY, General Supt. W. H. BENNE n Gen'l. Paes. Agent. THE LINE SELECTED BY TffiE U. S. OOVT 10 CARBY THE FAS1 MAIL GOING WEST. ONLY LINE EUNNIHG TWO THEOUGH TRAINS DAILY FE0M CHICAGO, PEORÍA & ST. LOUIS, Tlirough the Heart of the Continent hj way of Pacitic Junction or Omuha to DENVER, or vla Kansas City and Atclilgoj to Denver, connectltigln Union Depots at Khmhiw C'H.v, Atchlaon c ni. n and Denver with tlirojgh traína íor SAN FRANCISCO, and all poluta In the Far Wesu bliortent Uueto KAWSAS CITY, And all poluta In the Houth-Weat. TOURISTS ANO HEALTH-SEEKERS Should not forget thefartthat Round Trlpticketa at reduced rates can be purcnnaed vla ttiia (in 1.1 Tlirougli, toall llie Health and Pleaure Kesorts of the west and Soutn-West, immikIiuk theiMountalna of COLORADO, tüe Valley of the ïoaemite, tne CITY OF MEXICO, and all polnts In the Mexlcau Kei.ubllc. HOME-SEEKERS Shonld also remember that thla line leads direct to the heart of the Oovwnmeut and Kaliroiul Lauda lu Isebraska, Kansas, Texa, Colorado aud WualiinKtoii Territory. Jtls kiiownns thegreat THItOUGH CAR LINE er América, ajid la uiuversally admltted to be the Finetit ii.iinn I Knllrond in tbe World for nll cluaettm o f Travel. ïhrough Tickets via tlils Une for sale at all Rallroad Coupou Ticket Dlüosa in tbe Uulted Btatea aud ('auada. Ï. J. POTTKR, Vlce Pres. aud Gen. Manager. PJÍUÜKVAL WWKLL, Hen. Pass. Ak'i Chicago. JNO. t. A. BKAN, en. Eastern Ag't, fll7 Broadway, New York, aud 3U4 Waahlugtou t-, Botou. jLJJ? THE POST-OFFICE NEWS DEPOT. A Full I.iuo Of Cheap Libraries! UXD STATIONEKY A complete auortmeot of conunon and Fancy Note and Letter Paper. Ënvelopeí, Invitation, atol Koquest Cardg, WiHiiig Pncki'ts, Fine BbS Papers, sultable for preïèntB aiul all kinds of Stationérí' suppu's. BLAUK BOOKS P:iss Bookí, Mevtqrondaru Books, Scratcli Books, Stutlenls ííotc Books, Rerumí, Legal aml Jíedical Indexen, lüll Bookf, nnd nll KTtrde of conunon Note Books. WILLIS E1M, Proprictof, Aml Agont for nll Newspipere, Magazines nml poriodk-nl?.


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