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Patronize The Two Sams

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tTHB FIRST C3-TJ3ST! f, HURRAH! ' y ''¦'¦¦ HURRAHü! J" THEWIRE BOX STRAP, !' f Patented September 6th, 1881. I I H. FRANK, Sole Manufacturer, ¦ 96 Spring St., ITe-w Torls. ,'" l THE TWO 8AMS. THE TWO SAMS. laun iMHj, jt aiiL'siiui f. Sim- My attentlon lias beencalted toyonr advertlsement and offer oí a l)oniifr.n r ( orflrm establlsb íw nrt and euiplojlit one l.nndml hai.d. Thongrh my business has ,not reacbed that ninSï wr .'1oM,ak,..M,(,Hiri,..saslo.ailr,ad faci!Ities-ratoS-s fniiarwl witl. Dcinut or Toledo; bIm eost üf laïd eWrihll ",(,.( r„r a Wir' Faetprj or Ml. I shaJ Inipori my wlre rodi trom Enrope, and Alp u stated h, ansí èr ' ih . „mslilsandsnchas u.aj oc.ur to yon, I Aftll Tool Teeply oblljfed, and it may lead to a u,It to vuur i,flll("!!i'a "",.,1 to fintUer iiivo.stiyation. .,R1U. _ . N. B.- The 'l'nii Sams nill piibüsli aiiother letter from a larjíft Micliigan maiinfactiiiiiiï arm festrlng tnt The Cnly Strictly One-Price Clothiers in - Alin .Arbor, Mich. They Have Clothingfor the Workingmen, They Mave Clothingfor the Farmer, They Have Clothing for the Young Men, They Have Clothing for Boys, They Have Clothingfor Children, They Have the Lowest Prics üpon Ever y They Have the Largest Stock of Hets, Hats, Atticle Sold. They will seli jou a Hat for Iess moiiey Ilian aiiy otlier Hat House In Ann Arlnr, or refDod jou yenr numej. A TT F 1VTTT H AT ! V A V M V R Si ' Yo" a" ";'2i I"'1' 1 ''"yi"? at tlio Tw Su, oor cioihi.i' A 1 1 M 1 1UJ ! X All JlüiitÖ ¦ FornfsWog Goods tind Hals. n Sirictly One-Price Huiwwtr um s tlie mt!m lo iis of the O ier c-nt. wc -iiarantee yon iipoii tvcry imrchase of clothing We eheerfnUj refluid a row BLITZ & LAMSDOEF. 9 South Main Street, The Only Strictiy On e-Price Clothing House in Ann Arbor.


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