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THAT DON'T LIE. Tlic Roya! Baking Powder Co. try to give the Infference that thcir powder contuins more Jrcam Tartar and that it.s Lom ening Power is greater tlian my 01 lier made, R8 stated in tlieir advertisement on the " Coinparative Worth of Bking Powders," exhlbited by black Unes. Our name was mentioned In conneclion witb one of oor chenper branda, made of different raatetlals as the trade might demand. Our Cream Tarlar brand of Andrciv'N Fearl was oniitted, eviiently for a wy good reasoq, JndginE from tlie relative nicrlls of Andrkw's "Pkaiïi. " and t!ie Royal, as cleaily demongtrated by the Government Cbemist, Dr. Petbb Collier of the Department of Agricultura, at Washington, from samples received by liirn trom dealers who furnislied the samples from their stocks on iiaud in open niarket. Baincexmuof Cream Tartar inAndrew" HD ffll I ICDC' AMAI VOIO - - - s U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. i , Á Washington D. C, March 10, 1883. C. E. Anduews fc Co.- Gentlemen : I leceived by tt fromThoc. Lydon and J. P. Harkins&Co., 't g-==as, Grand Ave., Milwankee, and Harper Bios., Cliicaii IH "' -1" ' s:llnl'l's of Andrews' Pearl and Roya] Bakn I r '-B '" 'lle cans were in g0(i condition J ¦ 'B wheii received and tlie seals unbroken. I lïnri upon t- "- - " I I il"ab's':' tnat Andrews' Pearl Baking Powder con I I tains aboutfour and a halt (4J.Í) per cent. more Om 11 I cream lartar tlian the Royal Bakiag Powder, Ijl 9 and ii propon ionalel j larger percentage ¦ of carbonie aell ïii, nul I Uncí it lo le I free Ironi aluin, and any injiirious tobI itancei. I 5 I Sincerely youre, ¦ PETER COLUEH, ? JP B :Sí'' r. S. Clipmist, Dept. of AgricuHiire. . i immul ClieiÉt Collier's Aiialysis as to tlie Leaveiiini Qaalities. andrews' p e ar LWÊÊÊÊÊfÊÊÊÊBBSSSÊBBEBtÊBÊÊBÊBÊÊÊai royal SBflBBBHSXSB IS'o wonder the Royal Co. omitted Andrews' Pearl from their il Comparative List,"' as Government Chemist Collier's analysis shows conchisively two things: Jsr, That Andrews' l'earl eontüins more Crcam Tartar tlian the Royal, as shown by the ents above; 2d, That the L.eavciiin{i Power of Andrews' Pearl isgreaier than the Boyal, as shown by the two black Unes above. CHALLENGE. "We wil! gsve the Royal Co. or any one else SI. 000 or #5,000 if they can prove by ¦any fair mutual test that Andrews" Pearl Baking Powder does, or ever did, contain lam or any injurious substances, and this challenge is open forever. Andrews' Pearl Baking Powder is snstained by a testimonial asto itspurity and strengtli hv tlie oiilv o-pniiin, f"w;Hy"' "fewmiiiit chemUt. such as the Royal Co. 287, '2S0 & 291 E. Water St., Milwaiikoc. i' Michigan Ave., Chicago.


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