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Krom (he Heralil. Beventeeti deathe oeoarred in this townaliip during tbe year 1883. Twenty births occurred in the same Umi'. C. II. Kempf wil! pav the largest amount of iax iliis ful!. He is aeseraed it ibout $00,001) in this township. Geo. P. Glazier coiiK-s ncxr. K. P. Carpenter post Xo. 41, ;it this place, bas forty-STven mcinbrrs. The post was nnmed after C;vpt. Carpenter, wlio went witli the loya fpom Arm Albor. Eider Gay is na lmppy hs a new-niade papa! On öunday inorliiug last liis n-eultli iucrea&ed, eay $100, by a tino Jersey cali', of whlch he is lig'htly proud. Mi Uay lms refused $150 for cow and calf. The most pleasant ttfteen-minute conyeisation we have lately bad, was enjoyed by us last Satimlay tuorning wlth J. D. Schnaltinau, wlio related some of bis war experlence. Mr. s. was but 18 when hu enlisted, and was taken prlsoner at the baltle of lïull Kun. Hè serveü ten montlis in Libby and otlier prisons. and vrat liually released on parola trom Charlestown jail. Mr. S. has received a SpriugOeld gun (of Uie selfcprimer style, of which but a few were made), whieh bc wil! keep a? a keepsake, ris he thinks itat one time savcd bis life. DBXTKU, Fiom the Dsxtcr Leader. Eniily Burkhart diod in this vlllage on the llth inst., of Briv'lüV dtoease of tke kldneys, in the 07tb year of her apo. The deceased was beun in Suinmit county, Ohio, and bas been a resident of the State of Michigan about forty years, and was a resident of North Lake about eighteen years. Shonly the death of her fecond husband slie removed to Dexter. Sbe bad been in feeble health for a number of years, but uianacd to get alon# witb her few housebold duties, wilh occasional help, up to lastfall, since whicb time she bas been practically helpless. Her mimi gradually gave way onder the progress of disease. A nieceand step-son by hei' flrst husband cared for her and ministereil lo her comfort during tlie last montbs of lier life. Slie bad been for live or six years a ineniber of tlie Methodist Churoh in Dexter, and her funeral was held in said church on Tlursday morning last, the pastor offlclating. Our tow nsman J. F. Clark, who bas just returned fiom a two or more years' residence in Nebraska. Ia enthusiastlc. way uiey 110 mingo oui inere; ¦,...u,„ wondere liow people can content thenijolvesto live In such a staid old town as this. As an illustration of tlie way in which they push things in that country, lic presents us with a newapaper artlole ilL'M i Ijul UtU ivvwi liamos ilivu-, ',. the line of the C, St. I'., M. fc O. K. R., which, on the oOlh of April last, was without any sign of settlement, and on the 21st tlay ol the föllowing nionth it containeci; tliirteen places of business, with resldences going up as by magie in the village and country about it. ' MANCHESTER. From the Enterprise. In answer to the question : What does it cost to raise a bushei of wheat? President Green, of the S. W. Fanners' club, said he plow.ul 10 acres in 1S7Í), andkept strict account of the expense of raising the wheat, interest on the land, taxes, etc, and found that the wheat cost him about thirty cents a bushel. On Friday mprning a dirly looking chao rejristered at the Goodyear house, and' the föllowing day on being asked to settle he informed the clerk tliat a pisto) shot in liis breast would be the only pay he would get. Ijindlord Farrell put the fellow out of the house, but he persisted In annoyiug him with bis presence nfltll Sunday, when depnty marshal Horace Wisner atteinpted to lind out what the scamp wanteil around liere, when he struck him a blow. For that be was arrested and jugged and on Mouday mornin- bronglit before justice Ferkius. lle was very deculed iu his language but pleailed not guilty, when a jury was struck who found hun guilty without leaving thcir seatf, iind be was taken to Anu Arlior iil for sixty days. Soine think hiin a siubborn, ugly sc;!iii!, while others conslder him insaue. 8 A UNE. Saline cekbrales the fourth of July. I-rom the Obcrver. Ezra Sanford raised -a'4ö-fnt additloi to his barn last Salurday. When com pleted it wiil be 105 feet long and DUfl OÍ the linest barns in these pftrte. For the first timo Detroit Sund.iy pa pers reaclied Saline on Sunday. A rep refentitive drives from lïelleville an will reacli Saline eveiy Sinuhiy moi'nlu by 10 o'clock with all the Sunday papers The European Jlinstrel COHipanj woodhined at tliis place last Snturday Between the Manchesier and Saline land lords and one or two of the actors, all Ih show paraphernaHa waa geized for boar and wages, and the p'roprietor yvi obliged to pawn hifvatcl) for $10 to g the party t Detroit. TPSILAHTL The twenty-seventh annual metting o the Ladies' Home Assoclatinn, rpsiliinti, was held reeently and offlcen elected for the ensning year. Daring ilie year thl society lias assisted tlie poor of thelr city to the aimnuit ot' 2-l'.).i:i. From tbc Commercial, OurLiglit Guarcl golo Motlroe the 4th. If you would like to sec one of our nieest banis In the township, go out and see A. 1). Snitlecoi's tliree miles west of the city. The city marshal geti $000 thisyear. Clerk 300; Tieasurer f160. BuperlnteBdent of poor $160. City attoraey $100; Laboren witb team per day f a.5ü. iaborer 1.60. ïram tte Tpsltantto. In the snit arlslng out of the business of the issianed flrm of Cornwells, 1 rice S Co , in whlch P. Blackiner, of the Wolverine Paper Co., sued Clark Cornwell of thiscHy lor $15.000, it has been decMed that Blackmer had noclalm, butowedthe late flrm over $18,000. The Arion is the name of a new musical unión organized in this city, and con-i-tIns of twelve young ladies, under the lirectorshlp of Georae B. Hodge, with Miss Helen Hcwitt as pianist. Weekly meetings of nmch enjoy.iH'iit are held, and we expert to soon annonncc soine concerts by the club. Soon afier mldnightof Monday last, the resldence oi'Kev. George Simons, on 1' Irst avenue, was found to be in thimes. An alarm was sounded, but the fire had so far ccompllshed ita work that no effort was made toget the stcatuer to the spot. Mr. Simons was expecting to remove to the house Tnesday, and was the sole occupant at the time. Loss about $500. From the Sentinel. Monday last Messrs. Deubel, Aid. Oeoige ft) id Mr. Moore, went to a small lake soie live miles f ram Dexter, tocamp oul and lish. Before they were settled a storm CHBie up and drovethem intoasmall dweiling Bear !y. vheretbey wereobüged to pass the night. They retired to bed up stairs, feavlug as they supposed all the family below. In tlie dead of night they were awakened by the screams of the woman, and a lad ruslied up orying that the house w:is ou lire. Kach seized a part of his clothlng, and descended to lind the lower part i.t ilie house literallv i" tlatnes, - tlicmylher frantic,for two chfklren were still in the house, abed behind a screen wliieh the men had not noticed. While Denbel and Moore resisted the lire all they OQUld Wlth pails and water, üeorge crawled ander the smokeon the tioorto the thildren's bed, and seized the smaller one, celling the other to follow. This the child was unable to do, and after placlpg the first in safety, Mr. (ieorfie made the journey again, and brought out the seeond. The family being saved the house was left to its fato, and iu a short time was a heap of eindere, the gentlemen losinr all their iisliing equipments,and most of their clothinj;-. The rain still feil, and the ahuost insonsible children, nakeá and cliilled were taken to a miserable atable, and made as comfortable as possible, in the hay alul slraw, until morning, when they were carrieu to the nearest neijrhbor two miles away in the bnggry of the Iishiiir party, who iminediately sought the village to leplenish their wardrobcs, and make theinsilvcs ])resentable. 'J'he father of the family was absent at work. The fishing vx as braken up for the time, hut we doubt not the gentlemen reñVct with more pleasure on their noble deed of saving the lives of a family, thnnïf they hadcaught all the iNh n the lake.


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