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rom oiir Kek'ular CorreponU'nt. Washington, D. C., June, 11, 1884. Apparentiy Congress is nrorking again. 'hat hokls diiily and even nightly sesons, and it otight to di-pose oí a great eal of business, in the biesUiing spell beween the two Chicago Con vent ion s. The idicutions are, however, tliat it will not nprove thi.s oppnitunity. lts wind is too inch öccupied in electingtlie next Presient to spem] limo in tlie transaction of ie business it is paúl to look ufltr. Stll d1' June, bul the Señale is not inlined to seeond tlie niolion. Astlie Senté is severa! ycars aTicar] of tlie Ilouse in egislation, it coiild nfford to t..Ue a simiIri.-Jauni fcrj W. U'. i „ ti. ....f..:ilu. til House to struggle tbraugh its neglectil woik alone, as idle boys are kept after chool. ]t is pcetty elear tlmt tlie Señale vill not agree to tbe proposed adjournnent, for it wants to act upon tlie Electral Count bilí, tbe Sbipping bilí tbe Poselegraph bilí, and otliers before it votes ORO. If Congrí S5 does notadjourn before the iolding of tlie Democratie Jíatlonal Con-eniion, the cliances are tbat the session vill be prolonged until August. Dnring bat eonvention very many deniocrats will ju absent, and after the Democratie ticket shall liave been made there will be sucha fine opening for politica! speeches in Congress on botb sides, that many tliink tlie temptatiou to consume a week or two in tbis way will not be resisted. The Democratie party is in a pitiable dilemma. It lias a glimpse of the White House, but it does not know how to reach tlie goal. Herctofore, it has been au opposition more or less formidable, but this year it iloes not approach that diguity. It is everything and cousequently nothing. Being destitute of principies, it is in mortal fear of opposingsometliing, lest it may loóse votes. It lactíS the courage of convictions, and it is as devoid of asiiirations as conscience. Upon one point only are Deniocrats agreed, and that is that they are hungry, awfully, ravenously hungry. Their Spliinx having at last spoken, log "I will not"- the only platform 011 which tlie party can go before the country united, is an all-c.onsiiming, craving appetite. Theetrongboldof the Bepubllean party is in the heartof labor. The platform for the industrial classes is " prospeiity, Bteady work, aiul gcfoü pay," and its meanlng Is undergtood la the workshop of Democratsas wellasot' Republicana. In the Senate tlie Mexic;in veterans' pension Wil is Inving a ln'i-il time, but it will pull thiwugh in sonie shape. In the House, the Jtiver t:nd Harbor bill is the disturbnig element. Kverp meraber wants bis river attenüvü to in the name of National work. Representativa Maybnry made a irlowliur, bnt muuccetsful ellbrt to have tlie appropriation for the Detroit river increased. Congiessman Lamb made an equally Bturdy and úseles attempt to fret an increase of the ainount nanaed for the raging Wabash. Another meniberspoke inbehalfof the Guyandotte, the import anee of improving which tlie Hiuisefailed to realize. Several similar noiions were eloquently argued, and as mercilessly voted down, when anitmber arosetosay that the system of appropriftting public money for the alleged hnprovement of little creeks that could never be made navigable, was vasteful, extrava;ant, and inexeusable. Jtsonly purpose was to "boom' tlie inembers Becuring theni when they agked lor :i second term. The liill requirlng tlie Chippewa diana of Minnesota to relinqulsh their tiI le lo í lie Bed Lafce ion for tlie compen8atinn of $1.25 an acre, was oppoeed by Representativo TbrockmortoB, Buclianan and Blout as an outrage upoi) tlie Indiana In polnt of jnstice and humanity. Mr. Beiford made a character[stic Bpeech in which he ridiculed scntinientalism toward tlie Indiaiis wlioin, he contended, sbouid not be permitted to reínain where they coukl mpede American progresa. Whil dUcossing tlie Biver and Harbor liill, Mr. Beiford proposed tliat $LÜU,0ÜO, be approprhted for tlie 1raprovent of' Salt Biver, provided tliat the work be completed by Nov. 11, 1884, so that tlie Democratie party can haye easy access to a reglón it can govern.


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