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Mr. Blaine's Old Pastor

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The Rev. J. II. Ecob has given the Albany Jouniiil the folloWlng estirante of Mr. Blaine: 1 lnive known Mr. Blaine since 1872. Daring nearly ten years of that time I was pastor of the church in Augusta of which Mr. and Mrs. Blaine are members. The satisfaction I take in liis nomination is basecl upon such knowleüge of him as only a pastor can gain. 1 believe tliat I am too true a Kepublican, and I know tliat my conception of citizenship is too high to permlt me to ratitv the exallation of any man whose charauter has not the true ring. I liave bvcn very to Mr. Blaine, not only in the most trying polilical crises, but in the sharper trial of great grief in the househokl, aud liave never yet detected a íalse note. 1 would not be understood as avowing too mucli for human nature. I mean that as I have known him he has stood loyally by bis convictions; that liis word bas always liad back ot it a elear purpose, and tliat puipose bas always bcjn worthy of the bighest inanhood. In bis house he was alwuys the soul of geniality and good heart. It was always sumnier in tliat house whaleverthe Alaiue winter mlght be without. And not only bis " rich neighbors aud kinsmen' welcomed lilm home, but a long line of the poor hailed the return of that iamily as a special l'rovidence. In the chureh lis is honored and beloved. Tlul good old Nuw Kngland custom of churcli-giiing wHh all the guesta is enlorced strictly in the Blaine household. VVboever is under bis roof, trom the rresident down, is expected to be with the iamily atebureb. Fair weather or foul those pews were always well filled. Not only blsprttfence on Sabbatb but liis influence, bis wise counsels, bis purse are freely deyoted to the interest of tie noble old Soutli Church of Augusta. The bold wbich Mr. Blaine bas niaintained upon the hearts of such great numbersofbis countryinen is not sufticiently explalned by brilliant gifts or iiiagnetism; the secret lies in bis generous, nianly, Cliristian character. Those who have known him best are not surprised that bis friends all over the country have been determined that he should secure the highest honor within theirgilt. It is because they believe in bini. Tbe office bas sought tbe man, tbe political papers to the contrary notwithstanding. 1 have absolute knowledgc that in 1880 he did not lift a linger to influence the convention. He was quietly at home devoting bimself to bis business aftairs in bebalf of'tlíe'nofiVíliSÍ'íi1.."1, 'í'Zl: sliall put my conscience in my voic „cAt Xovember.


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