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Will Grooin, of this office, lias been offeied a po9lion on the Lanslng Evening Telegram. Geo. .S. Crawford and a friend went down to Detroit yesterday on blcycles, startinc at five o'clock. The Beta Tlieta Pi college fraterniiy will next year occupy the present Alpha Delt house on North State steet. Mr. John Fritz, of Loili, whose death occurred last Sunday, was buried yesterday, bis birthday; he would have been forty-nlne years old had he Hved two days longer. Qiitíolions seut out among BÜeep-falsers of this county as to whether tlu-re bas been more than usual moitality anioug breeding ewes have ten answers yes and thirteen no, and in regard to lambs eleven say yes and twelve no. The Coi.rier office forcé has been up pretty late o'nlgtatÉ recently, the rush of work being very heavy. We acknowledge a splendid serenade by the (;hequamegon band last Thursday night about 11:45 at the office. Thanks. At the telegraphic instituto this week John Love, from Leeds, England, began work. He has just arrived from England with father and mother, who will live hcre until Mr. Iove completes his six months' course In telegraphy. Messrs. Swathel, Kyer & l'eterson have a torce of men at work cleaning out the mill-raee on the westside of the city. The work Is being done well and will be of not a little benefit to that portton of the city, from asanitary point of view. The ratification meeting over the iiomination of Blaine and Logan will be lield this everiing at the Opera House. Speeches by delégate J. T. Jacobs, Hon. A. J. Sawyer, Hon. E. U. Kinne, Judge Cheever, Col. Dean, J. F. Lawrence, W. Allison Sweency and others. The recent Episcopal diocesan convention at Flint appropriated $1,000 to tliis parish. Tliis amount, together with $1500 froni the parisb, makes a salary of $2,500 for their pastor in Ai)n Arbor - tuis in addition to a line rectory. Steps are to be taken at once to supply the parish with a pastor. The Chinese on Hurón street had $30 taken iïom them Sund;:y afternoon about four o'clock. It was reported to have been stolen, but the affair seems to have been a "lark" of some of the boys. The money was rcturned the same evening. Larks of tliis sort should becensured very strongly. The following were selected at the Democratie county convention lastWednesday to represent Ann Arbor at the State conventions in Detroit today: D. Cramer B. F, Watts, Isaac Crawford, Prof. II. W. Hogere, T. J. Sullivan, C. S. Manly, P. McKernan, F. Besimer, J. N. Bailey and H. E. II. Bower. W. D. Ilarriinan is a delegate-at-lare froni tlie tirst district. A girl baby was left on tlie county house door steps last evening. The cbild was found in a basket, well provided with good clothing, nursing bottle, a bottle of Mis. Winslow's soothingayrup, and other comforts in abuudunce. Ifcto- - ¦!. navin lieen kept on short rations. It was cared for by Mis. MeDowell. The child was about two months old. o_...v, i,v,i„.w.o wie nionuus í ourth in the regular old-fashioned way with brass bands, big processions, sports and games, bicycle races and fireworks. Hon. O. Z. Hubbell, Butler, Ind., who addressed the Odd Fellows on the occasion of their recent celebration at Milan, is the orator. From personal acquaintance with Mr. Hubbell, who is quite a young man, we know him to be an unusually line speaker. Last Saturday evuning the recently appointed committee on city works, consisting of Hon. T; M. Cooley, ex' Gov. Alpheus Felch, Dr. V. C. Vaughii, C. Eberbach and Chas. H. Hiscock, met i atJudge Cooley's office and appointed Chas. E. Greene, engineer, to make a survey of the city and report at the rfext regular meeting of the common council the most advisable plan for a city water works. s We are requested by tbe Unlveraltj au' thorities to make the following statement: The custom of admitting persons to cominencementexerciseswasintroduced when . these exercises were lielJ in the churcli, r whieli coultl not accommodate all who wiahed to attend. But University Hall is so spncious that itcan reeeiye all who are likely to come. It is therefore thought to be unnecessary to continue the system of admitting by ticket. The public will please to understand that they are we come without tickets. It would give us pleasure to refer in detail to the splendid and rare collection of etchings and engrayings on exhibition last week at the art exhibition, held at the residence of Mrs. II. W. Rogers, but we must forbear. Prof. C. S. Denison's lecture Saturday evening upon " Etehmg and Engraving" wat perliaj)s au hour long and is referred to by every one as espeeially üne. The attendance was very good throughout the times of exhibition, and about $30 were netted tlie Ladies1 Library Association, who return thanks to patrons of the reception. ? - Our attentioa has been dlrected to one of the latest brays of a certain editor of the Argonaut. Concerniug the apparent cause of all this noise, we need hardly remarle it goes without saying that there was no intention 011 the part of the Couhier to convey the idea that we had made a canvass of the Uu iversity professors and students on presidential and vice-presidential preferences. Ity the way, f we mistake not, the Detroit Evening Journal chanced to usean introduction similar to our own in referring to the aforesaid canvass, being doubtless of the same mind as ourselves. Perhaps now we shall have another bray from liis aniinalship. Last Monday the Beethoven Gesangverein of this city, which has been organized about four years, held exercises at Relief Park in dedication of the society's handsome silk flag preaented last spring by lady friends of the society. A procession of between two and three hundred fornied about onc o'clock at the corner of Main and Liberty streets, and fter marching about the court house quare and up Main to Liberty, they moved up to the park, where the catory exercises were bcgun about '2:.!0 p. U. Tlie leariing address was made by Mr. Siickey. Following the address of the soolety's prétldent, Mr. Geo. Halier, the Bhü was unfolded to the audionce liy livu young latlies, and tlic program wa concluded sooii aftcr. The inusic of the day was furnished ljy tlie Germán cornet band, by the doublé male qinirtetle of tlie Detroit Harmonie Society, and by the Beethoven niembers. A very pleasant time was had. The evenlng was given up to dancing.


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