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'i'uesday evening npxt at the Upera House Mr. Geo. (J. Milu muy le seen in "Hamlet," and on the fdllowlng evening In "Hichelieu." Below we clip fioni presa reports of his iiiipersonations : - "Mr. Miln's Hamlet was a surprise to most of his heaiers. He has been on the stage so short a time, and coming, as he did, from the pulpit, one would naturally expect somethiug crude. His In terpretalion of Hamlet lias all the Intellectuality of a scliolar and a man of culture, and the finish of an actor long on the stage. It is not merely au eloeutionaiy effort. One can se thát he is a man who must advance constantly, and one who is ever at work for this end." "Mr. Miln's Hichelieu is a noble conception and he lias brought out all the delicate touches which make the character so nttractive. His ideas are all those of the student, but his ablllty is eqnal to his conception. He has a strong, resonant voiee, and knows bow to use it, and a remarkably expressive face, which minors the passions and feelings of his miud. Ia soine of the scènes, the actor trod closely to the verge ofgreatness; so closely, indeed, that his identity for the time was entirely lost, and no onestood there bnt Richelieu. The audienee was enthusiastic, and the familiar passages of the grand old work were received with enthusiastic applause. Mr. Milu was recalled at the end of each act, an honor not accorded to any other actor this season."


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