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The only known spcclflc for Eplleptlc Fits. TU Also for Spasms aud Falltng SlckneM. Nervous Weákneutt instantly reBerei and cares. Cleanses blood and qulckrna sluggJsh circolatlon. NeutraÜZC8 germs of dlsease aud saves sfeknoss. Curea ÍASKEPTIC SAID3 UBly blotches and stubbom blood sores. Elimlnates Boils, Carbunelea and Scalds. cafl'ermanently and promptly cures paralysls. Tes, lt Is a channing ana healthful Aperlent. Kllls Scrofula and KIngs Evll, twln brotbers. Changos bad brcatli to good, remoTIng the cause. Kouts blllous tendencles and make clear complexion. Lqaalled by none In the delirium of fever. A charmlng resolvent and a matchless laxativo. It drives Slck Headacue llke the wind. I2Tontains do drastlc cathanlc or oplates. Relieves (THE GREAT) CNlEBfVEXCOHQllEBORD the brain of morbid fanclcs. Promptly cures Iïheumatlsm by routing lt. Restorca life-glvlng proporties to tho blood. Is guaranteed to cure all nervoua disorders. (y-Keliable when all oplates faH. Be. freshes the mind and invigorates the body. Cure dyspepsia or moncy rcf unded. : [lNEyERIFA[lLSp t DIsoases of the blood own It a conqucror. Endorsed Inwritingby over flfty thousand lcadlng citizeus, ;¦ clergymea and pliy siciuns in U. ö. aiul Europe. fF"For sale by all leadlng drugelsts. $1.50. (13) For Testimoniáis and circulara send stamp. Ths Dr.Si. Richmond Metí Go. St. Joseph, Mo. [ Lord, Stoutenburgh & Co., Asonts, Chicago, Illinois. " You jiisttakeíibottleof niy medicine,' ¦ said a quack doctor to a consiimptive, " and yoii'Il never cough ftgaln. " ís it as . fatal as tliat? " gasped the consumptive. - . - . iuu aun iops of appetitc; lie took two bottles of Hood's Saraaparrllla, galned ten pouodtandgot well. Mra, Eighwháeker, in rivii) her dressmakerorderi for the SpTTITg 'scnson, saia she wanted one dress made with " one of tliem Chopin polonaises she had heard teil of." Don't Die in the House. " Rough on Hats." Clears out rats, mice roaches, bod-bugs, Mes, anta, moles, chii.-' monks, gophers. 16c. " Herr Meyer, I gupposa you understood that every one was to brlng sonicthing to the picnic. What have you brought ?" Herr Meyer- "My two boys, as 3-ou sep."- Germán joke. Convlnciug-. Tlie proof of the pudding s Dot iu chew-' ing the strinjr, but in liaviui; au opportu; ntty to test the article direct. Eberbaeh bon the Draggtats have a free trial bottleof Dr. Bosanko'8 Cough and LungSvru ror encli and evervone wlio is afflicted witüCoughg, Colda. Arthma, Consumption or any Lung Affection. Some day in the henee 1 hope to be en . mated," gaya Kate Field. But Kate is a supeiior pereon. Tour ordiunrj youngwomon is satisfied to beice-creamated in the novv.- Cincinnatl öaturday Night. "Buchiiimiba." Quiek, completo, euros all annnyuii KMuey, Bladder aad Urinary Diseasea (1. Druggist. A tight place- A saloon.- Ex. Thla is not a furward Marcli.- N. y, Journal. &"A Happy Thonght. Diamond Dves are so perfect and go beautifu] tlmt t is a pleasure to ase them. Equally good for dark or light colora. 10c. at ,1 . mi crisis. Vv ells, Richardson & Co.,Burlinirtoi? Vt Bample Gard, :!2 colora, mul book of directions lor 2e stamp. Convicts raako a grate gtudy of life.- Texas Sifthijjs. Given up to dye- a last year's llght dress.- Mereliant Travuler. Skinny Men. "WeUs' Health restorei health lud vigor, euros Dyspepala Impotence, Sexnal DebUlty. l. Tocalla gul i üttle dear is buWm game of her.- Chicago Telegram. That donkeys havo brayin's ia slmply m agsnmpUon.- Newman Independent Everybody Kuoirs it. When you have the Itch, Salt Rheuro, Qalls, or Skin Erupüons of a-iy kind, and' tiie l'ilos, tliat you know without belnjr todof.t. EberiMöh&Son.theDrngEsM fpr 60 cents, whlch affords Immedlate relief, and is a sure cure for either of the above discases. C. H. MILLEN, INSURANCE AGENT! No. I South Main St., Aun Arbor. tllurollowlllgílrsl-classroiniMUií.s: "M"UU Home Ins. !o. of N. V 7 488 648 Continental [na. Co. of N. V. i 8674 ;¦ Niágara Ins. Co. of N. Y.. . . L874'o24 ölrard tos. Co. of Phlladelphia. I,269!967 Unent Ins. Co. of Barlford... 1419528 ( tommerelal Union of London . . 1 1 1048943 Liverpool, London and (.lobu.. y4,-iü2,08ö Untes Low. Losse Libernlly Adjusted and l'romptly l'aid. O. H. MILLEN.


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