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W. TREMAÏN, GENERAL. mmm lener 1 OFFICE...

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W. TREMAÏN, GENERAL. mmm lener 1 OFFICE : Oyer Casper Rinsey's Grocery Store, COR. HURÓN AND FOURTH STS., North British Insurance Co., Of London and Edinburg. Capital, $13,000,000, Gold. Detroit Fire and Marine Insurance Co., Cash Assets $600,000. Springfield Ins. Co. of Massaeliusetts, Cash Assets f1,800.000. Réward Ihs. Company of Hew York, Cash Ae8et9 $1,000,00). Agrlcultarm] Ins. Co., Watertowu, N.T., Cash Assets f 1,300,000. L0M Liberülly Adjusted and Promptly Paid. Estáte of Jolin líenle}-. ; IgTATJE OF MICHIGAN.C'oumy oí Wash.enaw,,,. ¦ Ata MmlM f Hra Probate Oonrt for the Couto ? a; holden at the Probate nffl-c in the LjShth ri"n Arb?í' on Vedtí-day, the twentvl d5y ?r '" tne Ï"" ue tbnnaánd edyhl hundred and eighty-four. Present, V,I1 " D. llammin, Judge oí Probate. In the matter of the estáte of John Henlev decaased. on rotding and fliing tdi peUMon, dn& veril led, of Mm. Cora II. Walluoe pravi ihat pir ition of then-al e.tate whm-oi aid deoeaÜd dled aefz ,1, ,„.,y be made unoug hú hel ra T.i,Mi",i,,,n n la orden-d, tuat M,,n ,av ihé l mt.eth day „f JuneaS ,u ten o'oh'ckin . ! fure oon, be BMlsned for the hearing of said c s a, and all oihir persousintereated in sald estáte are reqmred to appearat a SttalOD oí Mld Zl ,,', tobe holdonat tl.eProb.ue offlce. in thee i y o Anü Arbur, and show cause if any there le, why the And it ís Inrther ordered, tht said peUUoner KlTO notice i to the persona interested in sid esüitc of the pendency of said petition, and the hra in. hereor, by causlng a copy of this order to be pnbj jln Aun Aror C'ourifr.ancwspaper orinted and circulatini; Ín said county, three euccessive weeks pravtou to saiil day of hearing. (A true copy.) WILL1AM D. ÜAKKIMAN, WM. G. DOTY Probate Register!" ll!Ïbl"JiW Estáte of (Jeorge II. ülds. gJATEoF MICHIGAN. Couuty of Washtenaw, At a session of the Prohate Court for !hcCoui.ty o Washtenaw holden at the Probate Offloe. in the dav of in,?. rb' "n W. the seventeenth hnn,l 1 Í' ,tlie yCllr "nC '1'OUOaiKl oh-ht UrítllTídf'íSate.1'-"' Willi""'"ttkn 'if i'"" ' P"1" ffirt adÏLlnlii tiatiou do houw non, with t ie will annexed of tionUUan l' "iT""1'1' fOr P" lHwhl T l'è tttlon, mul t Luit the deyiseea 'anteM .u.ri tataMedtaïSK KT"lSOd' 'llUl ;'" '"''''-¦ P-s 's uitureated In s.nd estáte. are recjiimd toapnearu Í caoae, il ny Uiere bc, why the pnmr of the petttloner sliould not be cranted And Tt i rnrthl. ordered, that ld", ,r ",At!" , , ?B" ,' 1, ol said peution and the hearin.. n ,.r é, b V, ,V, ?. coprof tol, order to be pAlffi fftffïÏÏ , OU8 W said d.,y of „earing. tA trueVop """' t WiLLlAM D. 1IAKKIMAN, VM fl roiTv n i . ,Ju1t'e of Probate. wai. u. i)i y, Probate Beslater. ï'.wr-w


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