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WBDNESDAY, JUNE 18, 1884. OIOHlng aurt Opening; or [Tlalls. MallH leavltiji Auu Arhor, Kast and West, #111 i'lose as lollows: OOINQ WKST. t i.-ougli and Way Mail 8:10 aud 10:25 a. m A'y Mali betweeu Auu Arbor and Jacksou 4:25 p. m. nt Mali 7:35 p. m. QOINQ KAST. flirougu aud Way Mail, Night Line,7 35 p m fhrougli A Way Mail, 6:4C', 1U:UO a.m., 4:25 p.m. UOINQ SOUTH. Toledo Pouch ti:50 a m.,2:15 p.m. Toledo aud Way i.40p. m. (Hl M. NORTH. South Lyou aud Northern 9.35 a. m. llalli WliiUuoie Lake & Hamburg 9.U5a. m. MAILS DISTKIBUTKD F.asteru Mails diütribuied al 7.20, 10.50 a.m., aud S:JU p. m. WeKteru Mail dlstributed at ÍI.O0, 11.20, 7.20 a. m., aud b:5u p. m. p. m. Jaeksou Mail and Way Mail between Jackgou and Auu Albor distribiHed at 11:15 a. m. Veteada oí' Tlic Courier, n hu bave busiue at the Probate Court, wlll picase rt'.jucHt Judse IIuitihiuu to geml Iheir Frintins to thta office.


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