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J. Goodyear was in Detroit Monday. Dr. Herdman went to Toledo this moriiimr Judge Iluminan was in Manchester yesterday. Stephen Fairchild is visiting a brother In Kansas. Miss Satia Hyde leaves to-day for a visit to Buffalo. Harry Hawley, of the Register, was In Detroit Friday. Will T. Whedon cornos heme from Boston this afternoon. Carlton Hendrickson intends soon to take tl road for Egani Truss. George Apfe!, of the Star Clothing House, tiikes a vacation this week. Miss Olive Paul is passing a few weeks at her formar home at Forest, Ohio. Miss Loretta Wiggins, of Shelby O is yisiting at Mrs. Judge McClellan's. John Keck is in Chicago. H9 is expected home the latter part of the week. Lewis Blitz, brother of Sam, is expected out from Detroit next week for the festivities. Charles Mann, of Detroit, carne out baturday. He returned home yesterday morning. Mrs. B. F. Watts left this morning for a sis weeks' trip to Plint, Holly and Charlotte. Mrs. A. K. Williams of St. Louis, Mo was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. X I! Heer last Thursday. Alter our last week's issue Sam Lano-sdorf ent down to Detroit for a few days- on business. Matthew Ball, of Pittslield, wil] hereRficr make his home in this city with Mr Phihp Lohr, Packard street. Mr. Stafford, State street, and sister Miss Lily Rice, leaye Saturday next for Akron, O., the parental home. Rev. R. B. Pope preached In Albion Sunday. His brother, Rev. P. p. po,)e' of Toledo, occupying lus pulpit. Miss Mamie Best, Madison street, who was confined to the house recently with an attack of diptheria, haa recovera! Mrs. W. J. Stimson and sister, Miss Black, leave the forepart of next week for an extended Walt In Kalamazoo and Hastings. Ma Win. Howe of Nebraska; Mrs Lusk of Fairport, N. Y„ and L. B. Howe of Rochester, N. Y., visited Mrs. L. A. Howe last week. Paul Hirth and brother, of Perrysburg, O., are stopping at Henry Krause's. Paul expects to enter the Paarmacy tlepartment next f all. Mr. and Mrg. C. Bliss went to Detroit Saturday to visit a few days with their daughter, Mrs. Aira T. HUL They returned home last evening. J. H. GrantandO. P. Hunt, of Manistee and Detroit respectively, will probably reach Ann Arbor Saturday to stay through commencement. Mrs. II. J. lirown, who was called to Rochester, N. Y. a few weeks since by the illness of her sister Mrs. Perkins, returns this evening. Mrs. Perkins Ui mach better. superintendent Hall, of the Ilastings schools, was in the city yesterday on the lookout for lady teachers. We know of a number of the senior co-eds. who were Interrlewed. Mrs. C. H. Holland, of East Saginaw, sister of Mis. E. A. Spencer and Mrs. W. W. Whedon, will be in the city next week Ml. HUI, „„„ O...:„ xj:_1 i r .1 _ sarae place, will also be here. Among those who went to Detroit last Monday to attend the Musical festival were Mis. General Hun: and Miss Bessie P. Iliinf. irof. Morii, Mrs. A. E. Warden , and Professors C. B. Cady and F L. York. Dr. P. B. Rose stopped n Ann Arbor Tuesday while on his way back to Chicago from a trip to New York and Lake Champlain, where he had been on business for the Anglo-Araerican Packing company of Chicago. Mrs. Eliza S. Sinclair, a former resident of Ann Arbor, who paid Mrs. Judge Beakes a several weeks' visit recently, returned to Detroit last Saturday morning. She will be missed at the whist table, among other places.