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BACH & ABEL'S COLUMN. A backward spring has somewhat re(arded tradc with us, though notbing liko as much as could reasonably be expectcd. Our spring stock is complete in ( every departtaent, and is the largest stock exposed for retail in this city orany other city in this part of the State. Strangers are invited to visit the store, though their only errand be to see. Having reccently announced novelties in black dress goods to the exclusión of Staples, let us remark that in all the leading staple fabrics in üashmeres, Tamise, Camel'sIIair, Grenadine and Nun's Veilings we have besn and are to-day exCCedingly strong in all of our linoa and justly confident in our prices. Our silk Warp Ilenrietta at $1.50 "is a rare bargain." Couibination suits are "en regie." The patterns piled on the counter in the southeistern part of the store you can multiply by about four, to et at the variety. Here are modest plaids and stripes, gray mixtures, melange effects., etc., etc.. prioes $1.25, $1.35 and $1.75. You are quite satufied that "hotneruade uuderwear" is an unwise investment of time and toil. Oan't be otherwise, if you have turned over carefully the masses of delicate drapery and tried the tucks and trimmings, to see if we have really been suecessful imitators of your home-made work. If we have, it won't take long to figure the difference in cost, if your own time is not cheaper than factory wages. Ladies' skirts at $1.40, $2.00, $3.00 and $4.00 are worthy of inspection. The parasol season has oponed with a rush. It flnds us prepared with everything desirable in coaching, Lace Trimed, l'arriage, &c, &c. Look at our black brocades at $7.00 and $10.00, our colored brocades at $15.00. Jerseys are still the popular thing, we nave iweniy scyica ior íauiea. nome an plain as plain can be, and others ar braided and beaded until they sparkle an dazzle. Prices begin at $2.00 and end a $20.00. Splendid presenta they are foi the girls, and not mueh bother to seeun the proper fit. A recent purohase enables us to makt an exceptional oifering in Woinen'f Hosiery. To quote prices bardly seemt usef'ul, it tells so little, for instance, for us to say we havo ladies' hose fuli regular made solid colors, the readci would naturally say, why, evcry store have such, but the f'aot remains, (hat no houso but ours has Schopper's solid colors, unbleached heel and toe full regular made with French f'eet at 30cts, it is a quality universally sold at 40 and üOcts. The motto in this department is quality first, always quality. PriGes adj usted on that basis. "We incline to the op'mion that most pcople foüow the crowd, but who starts the crow ? BACII & ABEL. SCROFULA-i A remedy that can destroy the germs of' scroXula, and when once settled has the power to root it out, must be appreciated by those afflicted. The remarkable cures of young children and the more wondert ui cures oí those of middle age and late in life, as illustrated byour printed testimoniáis, provo TTnnri'a OmotDiDni 1-, t„. -. i ..M,' rpmedy, containing remedial agents which do Piosli five I cure scroIula and eradicate it f rom Wakneh, N. IL, Jan 21 1879 o?í?ií?H3;.a JkP??.? Pj. Lowell.'Mass.: early part of 1877 I had'beeñ a constant" s'ftp ferer from scrofulous ulcers or sores, which had finally reduced me to a hclpless condition, as described in my letter to you in September of that year. The continued excellent health which enables me to keep house ior my aged father and to enjoy life, keeps alivemy intense personal interestin Hood's SARSAPAitiLLA.aiul 1 cannot refrain from expressing my gratitude for the permanent cure this wondeiful medicine effected Ie my case nearly two years ago, while living in Lowell, when all my physicians gave me up as being in an incurable condition. One thing berore I close. I have recommended your Sarsaparilla to hundreds, andlTliink more than a thousand cases, and my faith in its invincibility in curing scrofula has become absolute by the wonderful cures it has effected aside from my own. I trust you will not be slow in making the merits of Hood's Sarsaparilla known everywhere, foritisaduty you owe to mankind. With best wishes I remain very truly yours, SARAH C. WHIITÍEK. HOOD'S SARSAPARILLA Is a skilfully-prepared compound, concentrated extract, by a procesa peculiarly our own, of the best remedies of the vegetable kingdom known to medical science as alteratives, blood-purifiers, diuretlcs, and tonics. Sold by all druggists. Trice $1, or six lor %5. C. I. HOOI) & CO., Lowell, Mass. The above deplcts a very pleasant feature of bicycling aB a sport. The olub have ridden from their headquartors in the city, to a uburban village some twenty miles away, wbere they await the arrlval of the racing membcrs who were to tartjustthirty minute later. Five minutes more and the two forctnoRt of the racinit men- Fri, ou hl " Harvard," and Yonson on tiia " Yalc," appat In ight. The pace ij tremendous : the men ar neck and neck, and Dodges, the captain of the club, wbom you observe ia leaning on hi " Shadow "light roadster, iu the foreground, declares the race a tie. " Where are the other men? " be ask. " Oh, behind, Bomewhcrc," il the rcply. "Are there any ' Harvard' ' or 'YaleVor "Shadow' ' among tlieiu' " "Notonc." , " Ah ! that account for it," inyi the Captain. American bicycler a a body will realize th f rco of tho captain1 last remark, but the thouands of new rider -which tbo ooming year will produce, should cach one of them realiz that the only truc ccoliomy in chooslng a bieyele is to l,u content witii nothmg lee than the very best that monoy will procure. Each hould fiud out all he can about bicycles before making hi choice, and in order to asi6t euqulrer in their search for information, we willon receipt of a a threc-cont tamp, send to any address, a copy of our largc illUBtrated catalogue by return man. THE CUNNINGHAM COMPANY, The Pioneer Bicycle House of America. " [EBtablishcd 1877.] Importing Manufactur' of Bicycles & Trieycl Odd Feixows' IIall, Boston, Mam. CHARLES W. WAGNER, Agent, 21 Houth Main St., Aan Albor, Micli. - bsi__ nrtily the systera. ({fXt I P llWienccd andwiiueBHU.MtTt.rTtr.llA"' te effect of Hobnw CEltBRATED_ "Hl tetters Stomach Bit f k#C er8 nPon le weak, 3Kfiiiw the very source of u i the troublc, and elP STOMCHr feet n absolute M IbiímPD and permanent care. ITTE 1 gFanbi "S5ÏS goners'ly.


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