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BACH & AliEL'S COLUMN. AdvertUementS only eat up money if they don't ring true. The beat-everybody-elseadvertisement is alwa}-s and justly a proper cause for suspicion. How inany things stated in an advertisement explode the moment the lirht of an honest eye is turned ou tliein. No store can stand the cutting of pi ces ou the stock generally to make Haring advertisements and to altract customers and to get people to buy other goods at full prices, but there is such a thing as gathering a trade to make outlets for large quantities and that is what settles concessions in prices. This is one great and ever increasing advantage. Is it worth your whlle to sce what we mean? If so, then look in the linen departmeut at our large damask towels at 25c. Look at the fine table linen 60 inches wide, at '5c. per yard. Look in the hosiery department at our largo stock of fuli regular made hose in all colors at 25c. Look in our notion department and examine the daintiest fans the daintiest of French fingers can put together or their busy skill devise. Pretty enough and coquettish enough,if one is naughtily disposed to use it for other thau fanning purposes. Look at our parasols, the prices we are making on them, we think worth the telling, seeing, and by your leave, the buying. Look in our dress goods department. Vfe have reduced the prices on all of our noveltics in dress goods nbout one-quarter. Our $1.75 combination suitings reduced to $1.45. Our tricots in all colois reduced to $1.25, former price $1.50, width 34 nches. These goods are very cheap. Look at our linen lawns. A coolness comes at the siglit of linen lawns. A lady may be up to a summer heat, but she never shows it if robed in the flowers and sprays and vines of all linen lawns. Prices reduced to 20c, 35c, 30c, and 35c per yard. Look in our cloak department, we will close the entire lot at cost. $10.00 wraps for $8.00, $12.00 wraps for $9.00, $16.00 wraps for $13.00, etc. Look at our Jerseys. Our trade on them goods is immense. Look at $5.00 Jersey, now $3.00. Look at our $3.50 Jersey, now $2.25, bralded. Look at our $2.00 Jersey, now $1.00. And besides these, you will in every department of the store enough to convince you that a fine admiuistratiou is here, at your service, pioviding the safest trading Aun Arbor lias had for many a day. HWs Sarsaparilla Is designed to meet tlie wants of a large portion of our people who are either too poor to employ a physician, or are too far removed to easily cali one, and a still larger class ¦who are not sick enough to require medical advice, and yet are out of sorts and need a medicine to build them up, give them an appetite, purify their blood, and oil up the machinery of their bodics so it will do its duty willingly. No other article takes hold of the system and hits exactly the spot like HOOD'S SARSAPARILLA It works lilee magie, reaching every part of th human body througli the blood, giving to all renewed life and energy. My friend, you need not take our word. Ask your neighbor, wlio lias just taken ono botKe. He will teil you that " It 's the best dollar I ever invested." Lebanon, N. IT., Fel). 19, 1879 Messrs. C. I. Hood & Co.: Dear Sirs - Although greatly picjudiced against patent medicines in general, I was induced, from tlie excellent reports I liad lieard of your Sarsaparilla, totry a bottle, last December, for dyspepsia and general prostration, and I liave received very gratifyiug results from its use. I am now using the second bottle, and consider it a very valuable reniedy lor Indigestión and its attendant troubles. yonrstruL,c cHüRclmL (Firm oí Carter & Churchill.) C3T" A gentleman who finnerf has been suffering from vuiiigu the DebilUy and Languor in Djiize peculiar to this ceason, 'u ruuiiuo says: "Hood's Saiísai-arilla is putting new life right into me. I have gained ten pounds since I began to take it." Has taken two bottles. Hood's Sarsapabiixa is sold by all druggists. I'rice Slper bottle; sixfor$5. Prepared by C. I. HOOD & CO., Lowell, Mass. The above deplct a very pleasant feature of bicycltng as B sport. The club have rldden from their headquarters In the city, to a euburban vilIigc lome twenty miles away, where they await the arrival of tho racing meinbers wh wero to tart juut thirty minutes later. Kivc minutes moro and the two foremost ot tna raring men- Fri, on hi " Harvard," and YonHOU 0.1 liis " Yale," appar In ight. Tho pace is tremendous: the men are neck and neck, ana Podges, tlie captain of the club, whom you obfcrvol leaningon his " Shadow " light roadster, in the foreground, declares the race a tic. " Where are tbe other men? " he asks. "Oh, behind, nomewhere," is the reply. "Aro there any 'Harvard'' or 'lalc'i'or 1 Sbadow's ' among thym ,' " " Ah !ha't account for it," iays tlie captain. American bicycler as a body will reallze the force of the captain' laat remark, but the thousands of new riders which Vlio oomiuK year will produce, should each on of them realize that tbe only truc cconomy in chooslng a bicycle is to le content witli nothing lees than the very best that monoy will procure. Each hould hnd out all he can about bicyclcs before making his choicc, and in order to aasist enquirers in their earch for information, we will.'on receipt of a a three-cent stamp, send to any aililrese, a copy of our large illustrated catalogue by return inad. THE CUNNINGHAM COMPANY, The Pioneer Bioyele House of America. [Established 1877.] Importing Manuf:ictur'a of Blcycles & Trlcyde Opi Fkows' Hall, Boston, Masc CHARLES W. WAGNER, Agbnt, 21 South Main St., Anu Albor, Micli. w- Mfc Fortily the system. (IfiXI I P IfWienci-d and witnessIJ#",„.rT.„Sneil the effect of HosnV CEUBRATtB j letturg btonlllch Bit. ' ( gfcjf tert upon the weak, fSfc VX. ff fjB-. dyspepela, iivercom t5ámS9S&LáBEEiLír ciple whicb reacties Btrj tbe very eoarce "f ¦ lhe trouble, and elB STOHACH iccts an absolute M llhnd C fe and permanent cure. ITTEIr'is


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