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- Ft is saidlhat a ver fair artieli of "maple sugar" is made ia gome m ris of Dakota Xerrilory front box fllder sa].. - Two hundrcd new slyles of stalioüery have been introdueed this seasou. Every one will have au opportunity to be fashionable. - Secretary Teller says that tlie kind of educatiou whioh the Indian needs is not so imieh book learning as t lic knowledge of honest ways uf earning a living. - ¦ Washington Star. - A "humpback" lurtlo was found floating in Monteroy Bay, Califoria, llio othcr day and cnptured. It was seveu feet seven inches in length, tour feot across the back, and had"two (ins Ihvee feet long. It woighed 1,000 pounds. The normal forcé which grows a man's beard is BOon exhausted when lie shaves frequently, and then the entire system is taxcd to supply tho (ieficieacy. ïhis is probable what ronden the dude such a melancholy wreek. - N. Y. Graphic. - In a prairie fire at Valley Mills, Tex., several years ago, a dweiling was burned that was never rebuilt. In tearing away the old chimney recentlv, gold and silver amounting to S2.3Ö0 was found under the hearthstone, and many articles of jewelry. They were wrappe'd in a newspaper of 1856. - From a list of the fortresses and strongholds of France, recently issued by the War Minister, the Fortross of Sedan, which once ranked high among Frenen fortresses, is absent. The town is now judged to be of no military importanco whatever, and its great keep, with its lofty walls and subterranean passages, is in prnwss of .lotu.o lltlon. - Thirty years ago Samuel Wetherton, of Ray County, Mo., was murdered and a neighbor was suspeeted of the crime, the circumstances being strongly against him. But he was acquitted, and recently the brother of the murdered man, as he lay dying near the scène of the murder, confessed tiiat he perpetrated the crime on account of jealousy. He had been very active in pushinw the prosecution against the accused neighbor.- Detroit l'ost. - The Virginia City (Nev.) Enterprise says : "In the tunnul of the Daniel Webster mine, northeast of this city, beyondthe Wells Fargo mine, at apoint overthree hundred feet beneath the surface, a flow of water of strange character bas been encountered. The water boils up through tho Hoor of the tunnel, and in the light of the candles presents an almost blood red appearauce. It smells like creosote and has a pungent, disagreeable taste. When bottled and browght to the light of day, the water has a rich burned sienna color." - a xew xorit observer wlio lias studied types of feminine beauty durinoa long course of years says that the blonde graduallvtlisappearinff in tliis country- or, at least, in Xcw'York. He begun his observations in ÏSS9 or 1840, wfaen he found that the proportion of the blondos among a hundrcd women was forty-seven, the brunettes numbering thirty-two, and those who were not decidedly one or the other twenty-one. In 1880 the blondos were Dut tvventythree, the brunettes ííñy-two, and the intermediates twenty-tive. The change, so far as his observations go, has been gradual.- N. Y. Times. - Except for those who may have wealthy friends living in the interior in a favorable locality, Australia hits been practically found to be not a suitable place for invalids. Any one who has made acquaintance with a bush hotel would be slow to recommend it as a residence, even to a man in health, and would certainly advise an invalid to avoid it. The most eminent phvsician in Melbourne has recently stated that out of hundreds with weak lunrS who had consulted him during a period of twenty-five years, not one of those who had remained on tho coast had materially improved.- Chicago Inta-Occan. - A vcry pretty custom, whloh has since been followed, was introduoed at a fashionable wedding recently at the Savoy Chapel Rojal, London. The choir formed a procession down tho aisle to meet the bride and Uien walked back before her to their places in the church chanting a bridal hymn. A moral support is thus given to a faltering girl who has usually to walk up tho aisle the observed of all observers, and overhearing, perhaps, remarks on tho redness of her nose, or some defect in her dress, not very reassuriug. After tho ceremony the choir again formed in procession and walked before the bilde and groom down ihe aisle to the entranco gato. - nulossor Thompson, m a recent leeture, informcd his audience thal the magnetio polo is now near Boothia Felix, or more than one thousaud miles west of the geographical polo. In 1807 the magnetio polo was duo North, it having úeen eastward before that year, Thon it began to move westward until 1816, when the maximum was reached. 'J'liis is iiow bcing stoadilv diniinislicd, and in 1976 it will again point due north. Professor Thompson aays that the changes which will havo been observed not only in tho direction, but in the strength of tho earth's magnetiam, will show that the samo causes wlneli originallv magnetized the eartb aro still


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