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Skinny Men. "Wells' Ilc-ilth lii'iicucr"...

Skinny Men. "Wells' Ilc-ilth lii'iicucr"... image
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Skinny Men. "Wells' Ilc-ilth lii'iicucr" restores healtb and viaror, carea Dispepsia, Impotence, Sexual Debllity. $1. The Princesa Louise is being complimented In Englantl for looking so fïesh. Her brotlier, Albert .Edwnrd, Prince of Wales, bas. been frcqucntly blamed for actiug too frcsli. - L nidentified Exchange. "Buchupaiba." Quiek, complete, cures all aiinoying Klduey, Bladder and Urinary Diseases. $1. Druggist. "As we go to preS8,"facetiouly remarked the young journalist, as he put bis anus around her walst. " You do not inake a good Impresslon," shc replied, as she slap! ped lila mouUi. - O"l City Blizztml. George Campbell, HopkiDivilIe, Ky., ays Burdock Blood Bitters is the best preparatlon for the Blood and Stouaach ever tiiauufactured. A Boston man advertises that he recovers umbrellas. This man should have i a good run of custom. We woulil rive i bim a job ourselret if we thought he could recover the silk one we lost laM spring.- Botnervllle Journal. Free Dhtribution. '¦ Wlint can=es tlie great rush at Kberlineli c tíon's drug store?" The free distribution of sample bottle3 of Dr. Bosanko's Cough and LungSyrup, the most popular remedy for Coughs, Colds, Consumption. and Bionchilis, now on the marker. Kegular size 50 cents and $1.00. "Idon't believe there is nnydanger of a man overworking bis braln whoae business is all head work," remarked the barber, as be shampooed the editor's head. The editor gasped and died. - Peck's Sun. M. L. Blair, Aldcrman uth ward, Scrantou, Pp., stated Nov, 9, '83, he had userl Dr. Tilomas' Eclectric Oil for sprains, burns, cuts and rheumatisni. (eneral Sherman looksupon the young '¦'¦ '"¦ triQrj)ffleera This is h v he solutos tbeni. 'Mother Swan's Worm Sjrnp. Infallible, tasteless, harmless, cathartic, for feverishness, restiessness, worms, coustipation. 2öc. Extract fiom a letter from Angélica : " Dear Henry, you ask if I return your love. Yes, Henry, I have no use for it and return it with many thanks. By-bye Henry." - X. Y. Graphic. "Rougli on Rats." Clears out rats, mice, ronches, flies, anta, bed-bugs, skunks, ehipmunks, gopbers. 13c. Druggists. Au all daj' job - freezing icecream in a " two minute '" freezer. Dr. Bosanko. This name bas become so familiar with the most of people throughout the United States that it is hardly nece8sary to state that he is the originator of the "reat Dr. Bosanko Cougb and Liinfr Syrup, the peoplu's favorita remedy, wherever Known, for Coughs, Colds, Consumption and all affectionsof the Thioat and Lungs. Priee 50 cents and $1.00. Sold by Eberbaob & Son, druggists. A noiseless roller skute has'been iuvented, but the bumps on the tloor sound as loud as ever. He Koowa it. Iliram T). Maxtield, formerly of Silver SprIngs,R. I., has no doubt about the wouderful curative powers of Kidney-Wort. He was so alïlicted with Kidney Complalnt that he could not stand on bis feet from pain and weakness. As soon as be comnienced using wort he experlenced inmediato relief and at once began to grow sti'ong and was relieved of all pain and unpleasantncss. He says : " I know I have been cured by Kidney-wort." Oscar bas at last made one fair malden actually Wilde.- Lowell Courier. Don't Die in the House. " Rongh on Kats." Clears out rats, niice, ronches, bed-bugs, flies, anta, moles, ohlpmonks, gophers. 15c. It is said that alllpsaometimes travel on heir nuissels. A good name at home is a tower of itrength abroad. Ten times as mucb Jarsaparllla used in Lowell as of any )thcr. Fora man celebrated for bis palicnce Fob used to boil over a good deal. Bad Du.vinaok causes sickness; bad lood and Iraproper aetion of the livor and Lidneys is bad drainage tothe human sysem, whlch Burdock Blood Jutters ïem¦iy. Wigglns claims that there are two noons. Cn it be that "Wiggins bas been atlfylng too freely lately ? E'AII Ladlea Sliould Know that Hoods, carfs, ribbons and all lancy articles can ie made any color wanted with Diamond )yes. All the popular colors. 10 c. at Irugglsti. None equal them. AYells, liehardson & Co., Burlington, Vt.


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