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Will Watts goes to Flint to-morrow. Mrs Chas. Powell lias gone to Petos kcy. Mrs. K. A. Austlu is visittng i sister i tlio cast. MissOlivc Paul returned Saturday even ing from Ohio. L. M. Bulkley is visiting liis oíd lióme at Groton, X. Y. Walter and Dean Seabolt speml the Fouith in Detroit. Mrs. D. CFall, wlio has been quite sick is slowly recovering. Judge Harriman left last week for hi usual trip to Vermont. "Wiek" E. Tuttleleft Monday to spend the slimmer in Lansing. llon. H. A. Conant, Secretary of State was in the city yesterday. Dr. A. B. Palmer and wife leave to morrow for Martha's Vineyard. E. II. Hudson and family go to Whit more this week for their vacation. Prof. and Mis. H. N. Chute leave to day for a visit in Toronto, Canada. Mrs. Wilson, of Chicago, is visiting her mother, Mrs. Chapín, Wllllam street. Kev. II. B. Pope and family start this evening for Bay View to pass the tammer. Prof. A. A. Bennett and wife, of Chicago University, attended commencement. Mrs. Dr. A. L. Worden, of Des Moines, lowa, is visiting at M r. C. H. Worden's. Mrs. Walter Hawtin. of Clarendon Hills, 111., is visiting friends in the city. Miss Ida Belle Wïnchell is expected. home from Boston to-morrow afternoon J. J. Goodyear and wife starled for Petoskey this mom ing on a short vacation. Prof. Hennequtn's family spend several weeks In Ypsilanti during his absence in the east. President and Mrs. Angelí will probably not leave for the summer nntll after thelGth. Dr. and Mrs. C. H. Stowell lett yesterday morning for Petoskey to spend the vacation. Mis. Elliot is spendiug several weeks in a visit at her brother, Gilbert Hurd's, In Pittsfield. Mrs. J. B. Bushman & Son, of Batavia, N. Y., are visiting at her sister, Mrs. John D. Boylan's. Prof. C. B. Cady and wife and Prof. Orin Cady will spend the next ten days in Cleveland, O. Pred V. Sohulz aud Adam Goetz leave to-day for Chicago. Mr. Schulz was formerly of this office. Mrs. Cole and daughter Mis. Luther, of Knowlesville, N. Y., are the guests of J. M. Wheeler and family. President Angelí left this morning for lome CHy,Ind.,the Western Chautanqua, where he lectures before his return. Miss Lizzie Glaester, of Lansini, who spent commencement week in the city, left for home last Saturdy morning. Chas. R. Johnson, of Toledo, O., and Albert K Spencer, of Cleveland, " took in ' the sights of the city together yesterday. Miss Mary ITiitchinson recently graduited from the Training School for Nnrses n N. Y. City, and has returned to Ann Arbor, Uev. Mr. Childs, of Jonesville, spent ast week with Mr. and Mrs. James H. Wade. Also Mrs. Chas. Wade, of the same city. Frank A. Brooks, pharmic '78, of Galveston, Texas, is visiting hls grandlarents Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Prown, south Main. Miss LucyE. Chapin, Secretary Wade's issistant at the Universit}', takes a slx week's vacation trip to Washington, D. C. Hila sumiller. Miss Mary Gelston, of this city, who ïas been teaching in Saginaw the past year, sails next Monday for a summer trip to Europe. Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Southard, of Brookyn, N. Y , the guests of W. R. Henderson and wife a few days last week, left for Minnesota on Friday. D. E. Osborne and 'wlfa leave next week for Chardon, O., and after visiting relatives start for China to take the medical missionary field. Mr. and Mrs. Win. Gal pin are expected here to-night from St. Clair, where Prof. Galpin has been superintendent of schools during the past year. G. W. Farnam, au uncle of Willis Boughton, of this city, stopped off a day last Friday on his way home to Pittsford, N. Y., from a western trip. Mrs. 8. "W. Simpson, of Denver, Col. and mother, Mrs. A. Kaichen, of Detroit, who liave been visiting Mrs. S. S. Blitz, left tor Colorado the latter part of last week. Mrs. Geo. II. lthodes aud dauïhter Sada left last Weduesday; for a trip. to the White Mountains. Mrs. Rhodes intended visiting a sister in Montreal on uer way east. Miss G race L. Sraltb, of Lansing, enoyed commencement week In the city witli friends, leaving Saturday eveuing last to stop over Sunday in Jackson before returning home. Prof. and Mrs. II. M. Slauson arrived last week from Houghton, Mich., to spend several weeks in the city with Mrs. Conover and friends. Prof. Slauson will attend the National Teachers' Convention convening in Madison, Wis., on the lOtli nst. On his return, Mrs. Slauson will meet him in Chicago and return home rom there. Mrs. Jas. I. Best, Madison street, was favored with a visit from her three sisters during commencement week, namely Virs. Best, Minneapolis, Minn., Mrs. J. E. Rose, Auburn, Ind., and Mrs. Webster, Butler, Ind. Mrs. Best and family spend the summer with her gister in Minueapolis. Miss Mamie Best has already jone, we believe. Prof. and Mis. Hamilton, Bucyrus, O., are in the city to spend the summer. Mr. Scroggs, of Bucyrus, in a toast response at the alumni dinner last Thursday, reerred to Mr. Hamilton's work in their chools in a very complemiiHary inanner ndeed, and intimated that if possible heir city school board were ready to fill out a contract with the professor for the rest of his life. Stephen Fairchild returned last Friday from a three weeks' trip to Kansas wliere ie spent most of the time with his broth3i- Lucius in Montgomery county, near ïlk City. Mr. Fairchild report corn, vheat and oats looking splendid in cenral and southern Kansas; in the eastern part, there bas been too much rain and om in conseqiience is small. 91" was he hottest day while hu was absent. In McPherson county Mr. Vairchild visited Emerson Annabil and Geo. Cook, forme ry of Sharon. Mr. Peters, at one time Scio's supervisor, he also met, and found n uiuch better health then when here. VIr Peters is in the furniture business in 3antOB. Mr. Fairchild returns very well mpreseds with Kansas. Mrg. G. R. Havilaud, oUBay City, is here íor a short visit untll Saturday. 6. R. is in the Frazer house, Bay City. Miss Wheelock and Miss Gillcspie, of Grand Rapids, are the guests of Miss Minnie Ilichuioud. ltev. Ethelbcrt Talbot, who preached at St. Andrews' church one week ago last Sunday morning, left for home last Friday. Mrs. Edwards, son and daughter, of LaCrosse, Wis., who have been viiiting Mrs. Taylor and son, William street, left for home Monday. U. D. Billmeyer will spend a portion of the summer at Hancock, whcre he has now gone, in the practicc of dentistry. Mrs. Billmeyer will visit with herparents ölierift'and Mrs. Wallace a short time before joining her husband.