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Comparative Worth Of Baking Powders

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ROYAL (AV.-M)l,tHvrure)..HBHHlBHIBHBBmBBBHHB GRATÍT'S (Alum Fowder) . ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦IHH Jíl'MFORD'S, whenfresh.. ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦ II AXFORD'S, wben {....nÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊKÊÊÊÊÊÊM REDHEAD'S ¦HHMBEaMHMHMSEaDBM ('II AR3[ (Alum I'üWder) . . . .¦¦{¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦M AMAZON (Alum Fowder) ...¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦H CLE VELATíD'S(short wt. toz.)HMHMHHHHH PIONEER (San Francisco) . . . ¦¦¦¦HHMH CZAR WÊKÊÊÊÊÊÊKÊÊÊÊÊm DR. PRICE'S 3HB0BHBMBB1 8I0W ll.VKi HnBBB LEWIS' MBB I'EARL (Andrews & Co.) ¦¦¦iB IIECKER'S ¦¦¦¦i GILLET'S OMBB MilwaukM, (Contahis Alum.) BULK (Powder sold loóse). . . . B KUMFORÜ'Sjwhen notfresbB REPORTS OF GOVERNMENT CHEMISTS As to Purity and Wholesomeness of the Boyal Baking Powder. " I have tested a package of Royal Baking Powder, which I purchased in the open market, and önd it. composed of pure and wholesome ingredients. It is a cream of tartar powder of a high degree of merit, and does not contain elther alum or phosphates, or other injurious 6Ubstances. E. G. Love, Ph.D." "It is a scientifie íact that the Royal Baking Powder is absolutely pure. "H. A. Mott, Ph.D." " I have examined a package of Royal Baking Powder, purchased by myself in the market I flnd it entirely free from alum, terra alba, or any other injurious substance. Henbt Morton, Ph.D., President of Stevens Institute of Technology." " I hayc analyzed a packajre of Royal Baklnpr Powder. The material of which it is composed are puro and wholcsoaie. Ö. Dana Uayes, State Assaycr, Mass. Tho Royal Baking Powder received the liighcst award over alt competitors al the Vienna World's Expositiou, 1873 ; at thc Outenuial, Pliiladelplua, 1876 ; at the American Institute, New York, and at State Fairs throughout Ihe country. No other artiele of human íood has eyer received such high, emphatic, and universal endorsement from eminent chemists, physicians, ecicntists, and Boards of Health all over the world. Note- The above Diagram illustrates thc comparativo worth of various Baking Powders, as shown by Chemical Aualysis aud experimeuts made by Prof. Schedler. A pound can of each powder wits taken, the total leaveniug power or volume in each can calculated, the result being as indicated. This practical test for worth by Prof. Schedler only proves what every observant cou6umcr of the Royal Bakins Powder knows bv practical experícnce, that, whilc it costs a íew cents per pound more than ordinary kinds, it is far more economical, and, besides, affords tbc advantI age of better work. A single trial of thc Royal Baking Powder will convince any fair núnded person of these facts. While the diagram shows somo of tho alum powders to bo of a higher degree f strenh than other powders ranked below them, it is not to be taken as indicating thatTthey have any valué. All alum powders, no matter how high theil streDgtharp to he avuided as danjerous. - . ¦ -


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