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fHTïTTIffTIniTITTfIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaiaB ; Qtue 'JicS ' i 'i WlienaraanhasBuffered from Rheumatinni 0nlyaUttl8wWtó,andlsreUevedíroinHl8paln, Ucisnai)i)yan.i(l''ll-hteii. Bul sunposn lie Has Sufíéred for moro than a ¦" thirdof a century. 0 Aivín artni, ot vale, iow;i, wrttesij " i.iHLOPHOKoahaíhelpe : uieinucb. 'lho O pain In iny limtw ia all gaae, but sonie 9 ui'm i laf yot, aul Wall thara nügbt ue, 9 #fur I liave beau troubled for Uurty-nvcw yttm wttb Rhoiimatioui." " Mr. A. 1J. Baker, of Chicago, Had rheumatic pains in her backfsrflfteen ysars, nnd v.r. BaM hirt im-n theTlrttm ot Rbeumutlain UfltU Wd l'ul was clr.u. :i down ovei hülcttsüoulder. Mr. BüKerwrites: 4 $ "l(:Urabnitle()f lThmm-ikikc nhndëO m8 aa tfooil ju "'" H lwll; 'S" '"' 'J tho other L.ilf, and baa not complalned ot V hêr back nee. she Bays Uer baokneret ¦ W sof iv" from rum and aobe ae 't lias i ra O sinoe abe lias taken tho Aihlophobob." ti There e many peojilewlio think llmt becausc thëy h;ive BUflètod M Ion and have tried Be mapy medicines in vain, they miiet "suffer on thcir thrëë score years. lint you Beé what Atiii-óphohos bas d me. llowcvor !1 your iihp; OoirtfO Scvcie your I'üir.s; lliincvrr Great rom DIwpolpaCBl ii pTry Athiophoros 'ÍCS If yjjucaHBotgct iBLOPHono8of yourdranrti ¦o w.ll Bond n cxpreiw pahl, nu rccclpt cl regulr.r mloc-tjBMperbottln WeieftüiatyoM hny t froui WO ilpuuv-i-t. but ü ie haau't It, Í nat bo ,i'r;i,';i,vau tw BOmoUiüm lOse, bt ord.r at ouoe frnni ua ü ttawtad. ÏTtiLVttMM ¦. U2 WiLL ST, Í.EW YORK. HUjmfiHliilWiin T - [iHiuwmKn "l Have Suflèredl" w tl, eveiy diM-c: imaginable for thé In-t tliree years Uur Drúgírfsti Antlereon, commemlin '-Hop Bitters"' to me. 1 usf.fl twn hpttlesi Am ciiiircly curetl, aud heartily wcomi,„ .„cl Hop liiltera to everj J. O, W.ilkn. IfwkneT, Mo. I writc tliia a H . . Xnfcen pt the greal nipjwintloii J Uavt nf your H'ip Bitierí. I was amieleo Wlth inilimnuiKHy rhenmutotii M ! Öeyen yeius, aud no medicine seomed to do me ah y Gao!!! It Li. UI I tried two bottlet 1 your Hop Bitters, nud to uiy surprise 1 fii) us wen tö-day as ever I waí. I hop" "You m:iy have abnnttant snrcess "In this ftreat md" Vatuable Medlelne: Anyxix:! '¦' wiilUUg I" kuow m' iibout" niy cr.icV ('nu learn liy 1ilreslnR me, Jv H. Williama 1108 löth Btwet, Wwflinigtoii D.C. i I uonsider y ur Remidj Mie best rt-medy m cxi-unue Fur ['iuligestibii, ki'luey - Complaint "And neivoua deblUty. I have juist'1 Returned , "Frciin the onll In a rruitless H'arcB for Irtüilth, auü lhi'l tlïsil y.uir bitters art doing me niore (iuod ! TIihii anythirig elae; A month bko I was extreincly "Emaciated ! ! ! And BCarcely ble to walk. Nuw I am Gaiiiini ?trengtli! iind "Flesh!" And liaully a dy passe%Uut wlmt I iim .-. ¦¦¦ coniplimentcd on my Improved iippoHi-ance, and t is nll due to Mop Bitter?! .). Wfcklffle Jackson, - WïbnUiyton, Vel. None gootiine wltlionl s huucli of green Hopftou tlic white lai-l. Slijiij all lie vilt! poisonous BtUff "l11 "HV' or Hopa" in tlieir uame. RINSEY &SSA2OLT'S liiilllll AND Flour and Feed Store. We keep coriftámly on h in 1, : BKr.Vl), CRACKERS, CAKES, ETC, For Wholeade :inrt Rctnil Tridc. We stalt ;il.o kec) ¦ ïupply ol SWTPT & DEUBFL'8 BE8T White Wheat Flour! l Ilii Flour, lïjc l'lonr, IïikK i ::! riour, Corn Mal, Feed, Etc, At Wholesale and Ketail. A general stock of GROCERIES and PROYISlUffi Oonstamly on hand, which will be pold on na reasoiiftblfi terina oh at any othtr house n Ihe city. r'afh pa'd for BUTTBB, QG?, and COUNTRY PRODUCE ffeneraUy, (oodn dellvered to any part of the city without extra charge. RIXSEY & SEABOLT.


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