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!!, AM . i.,. Hort meUgUt itiiilwüY. T1MK B( I1KKI I.K. 'ut;,Kc dieet ;it lÜoYlock, ïioon.c:: j (hiy, Jatie22d, 1884. fnlm uit: bj Yi tr.i] 'linie, : ¦ '.-' ' "i A á fcTATIOKS. c , 7," Tolsdo 9 80 166 ,-, :!(i 7 il Btthtatlati Jnnctioii 8 -' i K .¦)-iO 7 2:1 Alexia Jnnctlon l 18 5 4X 7 S Ilawilluriifl 9 10 SU ; 7 4(11 ñamarla "-M B09 8 00 Lol V!:,;:1,"' i il 8 15 Monroe Janctlon s JZO bh i; 28 8 87 Macuu SS 6 33 o 4H Aznlin 18 20 3 40 11 4ü S R Mllnn .Iiiiictkm 18 08 26 6 4 03 Milan 6 06 & lij S] g mi Nora " '' '! '' 0 BS '.i 22 fríinla 1 'r2 lu - ü- il 82 PiUfllelll Jnnction 7 4li :: 08 1 20! Il 60 Arn Arhor 2712 l'.i 7 37 10 lfi Letand 7 12 2 ÍU 7 4.r. 10 L'3 Worrtcn ! Ub; ) S_00 10 Sf Soil'h L on _5O2_1U CünnL-ctÍourAt Toledo, wttta rallroarta 'ivereotii Krie l( li ¦ nt Alexia Jurciinn, with Al. c. I li M.S. I!v. end F. P.M Ii. lï.; nt onroe Jnnotioó, Wlti L. s. & M. s. Hy.; at Dunlee, wlth L. s. & M. 8. Kv.. M.Ad. )v.; oi Milaa lonctlon. with Wabaafc, Öt, Iionli Padflc Vj. tHttüaild.with L.s. M.S. H.V.. nt A-m Arhor iriih MicBl({an Ceiitral B. B. ml M Bonth L. ,vith Óelrolt, LaDelng & Northern B. R„ and Jll""1Tni"kl;y-„. W. AS11LEY, Go.eral Snpl. tV. II. BBtNNB CT, Qen'L Tanp. Agent. [HE LIHE SELECTEB BY TKE TT. S. GOV'T TO CABSY THE FAST MAIL GOING WEST. OULY LINE RUNNING TWO THKOUGH TKAINS DAILY FEOM CHICAGO, PEORÍA & ST. LOUIS, Tlirouch the Heart of the Continent bj wy ut Pacllic Junction or Omahn to DENVER, orvla Kansas City and Atchiso.i to Denver, conueclliiKln Union Depots at Kansas City, Atchlsou, Umuha and Ueuver wlth throJKh traius for SAN FRANCISCO, nnd all poluta in the Far West. bliortest XJueto KAWSAS CITY, And all polnts in the West. TOU3ISTS AND HEALTH-SEEKERS i not forget the fact that llound Trip Ucketa at J rates eau be jnircii8J via ihls ;--ut Tlirnusli J,ine, toall me Htalth and Pleasur nSuiit" of tbc 'west and West. licluding tuéoiuunlainsof COLUUAUO, the V!ley or liie """'CITYOF MEXICO, and all poiuts In the Mexlcan Ecpubllc HOME-SEEKERS Khould al3o remember that thla line leads direct to the heart ol the Governmeut and Kailroad ui Nebraaka Kansas, Texas, Colorado and WaahlngTtüftaOaM thegreat THBOUGH MRLIMK et America, &nd is universally admilted to be the Finest Euuipped Railrond tn the World for allclasses of Travel. Through Tickets via tuis Une for sale at all Re.llroaö coupon Ticket üüiues in Uie UulteU ytates and Canada. T. J. l'OTTER, Vlo. Prea. Rnd G-nager. LQWELL Oen. Pass. Ag'l Chicago. JÍÍO. Q. BEAN, Gen. Eaatern Ag't, dl7 Broadway, New Vork, and 3uti VVaahlugtou !ót., lioatuu. POST-OFFIGE NEWS -DEPOT. A Pull Line Of Cheap Libraries! AND STATIONS 33 5T A complete assortmenl of tommon mul .¦,.¦...¦ Sata ana LfiUfil Paper. Bnve[ópes, [nvïtation, and Bequest eñrüs. Writiug Packets, Plüe ?ox Paper?, sultkble for pi-ei epta anil :.l! kinds of Stationent' gupp les. BLAITK BOOKS Pass Books, Memorandum I5nok, Seratcb Books, Btudents Noto üooks, Rerumf, Legal and Medical Indexes, Bill Book?, and ; 1 1 srrades of ennimon Note Books. WILLIS mm, Proprictor, Anti Agent for all Newspapers, Magazines and ici'ioiiic:tl?.


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