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WITHOUT RESERVE FOR TEN DAYS ONLY! AT The WO SAMS' CLOTHING HOUSE, ÁNN ÁRBOR, H1IG1 A„ „t 8 nnd I Botton Cutay Frocfc Snit, tormerty Bil II THS B1B5EST CÜT 0? ALL, ;::::;::::" - - mmm rednied to 12 00. $2.00 Chlld'i 8ult for - - - $ioo Our entiie line of $16.00, $l&0O $10.0 and 17.OO suite, $4.00 ' ' " - dowuto $10.00. JJJJ " ", " " noo. largo wsortment ol Sio.oo, $1200, $1:5.00 and 1400 4.oo. Men's Bults, wlll be sold t 50JÍ A1.1. WOou, Kiímkmukk. Etsinarahef thii .-ale wlll laat only 10 day.s. In Fine Coatí and Vests we bW fflafked nar S1S.00. Om OiildrenVi Hats costlng 10c, 16c, 20c and 25c, for ,3c. $20.00, and $22.00 Single and Doublé Breusled Kh.ek DfagA11 of ,,„,. ciiildicn's Mats Costing $1.00 wlll Dow be sold onal and Worsted, down to 118.00. lor 50c. New Back Coate Btwl Wis, Au. Wooi. OasbihbM at We liave the reputation of sellinfr tlie best One Dollar 16.00. Man's Wool Hat in tbc state and tbese we will iiow sell AVc phall nlso 1. einde in llii. sale Ota líundretl Boys' Snit?, at 50c. B1Z,.88 to 17 vcais. pants, at $-1.00, $4.00. $4.00. Straw bats of all descripción-. This must be a quick moving sale. Do Tnot wait until the last moment, bilt come at once, while the assortment is complete. rrnh: two sams, We desire to say that our advertisement for to-day is one uneciualed in the history oí the Clothing Trade of Ann Arbor. We have presented you with a Buggy and Wagon but this time we shall present all those taking advantage of this sale, with cash.


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