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THAT DON'T LI E! The Royal Baking Powder Co. try to Live the inference that their powder conUlnsmore Crcam Tartar and that its L.eavcning Howcr Is ftreater tlian juiy otter made, f Btated in their advertiscinent on the " Comparativo Worth of üi'k'm Powders," exliibited by black lines. Onr name was mentloned In connectinn with one of uur cheaper branda, made of different raaterials as the trade might ilemand. Our Creain Tartar brand of Andrcw's Peavl was omitted, evJiciitly tor r ver.v good leason, judglng f rom the rclativc mertlfl of Andrew's 'PEARt " anti 'le Boyal, is cleaily demonstrated by tlie Government Chemist, Dr. Peter Coiaikr of the Department of Agricultura, at Washington, fiom samples received by hiin trom dealers who furnislied the samples fiom their stocks on Land In open niarket. 'hSSS DR. COLLIERS' ANALYSIS -- - - f - " "" - v. U. S. Dept. of Agbioit.turk i _J _ A Washington D. C, March 10, 1883. f C. E. Anduews & Co. - Gentlemen : I received by jy, froinTlios. Lydon and J. P. Harkins&Co., 2 Grand Ave., Mihvankee. and Harper Bros., Chica SÈU B RO, 111 . samples nf Andrews' Pearl and Royal Bak I E inr Povvders. Tlic cans wcre in good condition J ¦ I wuen received and tlieíeiils unbroken. I lind npon ! , M col ¦ analysis tliat Andrews' Pearl Bak ing Powder conS B ! B tains about four and a halt (4J2) lier cent. more 0 ¦ ! ! B I crcaln (arlar tlian the Koyal Bakiag Powder, ¦ and a proporliunatcly largcr pcrventajse I of oarbonio a ll jra, and I lintl it lo lxI free froin aluin, and anj' Injnrtoui snbI -, ¦ lances. I P Sincerely yourd, I ¦ PETER COLLIER, fg IhI pSJ u. s. Cliemist, Dept. of Agrloümre. GöFemmsiit Chemist Collier's Analysis as to the Leaveniiis Qualities. andsïevvs' p E a R lB8 ShSBbBbBhBSBHBBBEBHBIHSShSBI royal EBÊSSËÈËBÊÊËBÊÊÊ Xo wonder the lloyal Co. omitted Andrews' Pearl from their " Comparative list," as Government Chemist Collier's analysis shows c-onclusively two tliinfrs: Ist, That Andrews' Pearl contains more Crcam Tartar than the Royal, as show n by the cuts above; 2d, That the Lcaventng Power of Andrews' Pearl is grealer than the Royal, as shown by the two black lines above. CKALLBXTGE. We will gwe the lloyal Co. or any one else $1.000 or $5,000 if they can prove by any fair mutual test that Andrews' Pearl Baktng Powder does, or ever dld, contiin alum or any iniuriouB substances, and this challenge is open forever. Andrews' Pearl Baking Powder 3 snstained by a testimonial isto ts purity and Irenslh ly tlie only genuine. pommisiioned Government chemist, such as the Royal Co. liever have published. Thy It. C. E. ASDBEWS & CO., 287, 289 & 291 E. Water St., Milwaukee. 45 Michigan Ave.. Chicago.


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