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Burdett's Advice To Young Voters

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My son you will cast your lirst vote for President next November. I don't want to influence your vote, I don't want you to vote for -a certain man just because certain other men do. l want you to sit down and tbink about it betore you vote. I want you to be able to give a reason for your vote. I want you to go to the polls In good company. As a young man of progressive idea?, I want you to be abreast of the world and shoulder to shoulder w!th the times wheii you walk up to the polls. I want you, on entering politics, to aligu with the party that bas the purest, most progressive record. I don't care a cent my boy, whetlicr you are a Republican or a Democrat. There are honest men, patriotic citizens, good Cbristians in both parties. Only I don't want to see you walk up to the polls and cast your fitst vote with the party That upheld human slavery as a divine iustitution ; That bought and sold men, women and babies like so many mules; That firpd on Fort Sumter and the American flag; That for nearly five years fotight to destroy the Union; That opposed the issue of greenbacks wben the Government was fairly peiUhiug for want of them; That organized mobs and riots to oppose the draft; Tbat swept American conimeree from the seas wlth armed privateers; That is the party of Boss Tweed and Jefferson Davis; That polls its heaviest majorities in the most vicious and ignorant precincts; That is strongest in the States where the percentage of illiteracy is greatest; Tliat has opposed every liberal and progressive measure in legiílaüon duriog the last quarter of a century; That was the defender of slavery; That is the defender of Mormonlgrö; That slandered Garlield; and That assassinated Lincoln. No(v, as I have said before my son, I don't care whether you are a República or a Democrat. Choose for yourself. Just keep iway from the crowd whose record I have very britfly outüned. Find the party to whom this record belongs, and then forever keep away from it. You need not be particular with whlch party you unite, il' you don't juin that one. Always vote aguinst that party, and you will always vote about right. I ani a República, but I will shake hands with fraternal love with any Dcmocrat who votes against that record. That kind of a Democrat ia always a ;ood enoiigh Rflpublican for me. I'. S.- I have never fouiid that kind of , a Democrut.- Burlington Hawkeyi-. I had learned in vanous ways that mosquitoe cannotfly very high, and so when 1 eaiue down to the seashore I asked for , rooms i the top story. "Well, you got them ?" "Yet, but they were all ocenpfed and I bad to pay the occupauts a big bonus to ! move to some other hotel, and the coustquence is these miserable attics cost me ' about as much as the finest apartments on I the second floor Iront.'' But you are tree from mosquitoes?" "Free trom them ? They nearly eat me." "VVby, how do they get at you?" "The darned things came up in the


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