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The "pure Man."

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(iieat stress was laid by the Deinocracy at their last Convention that, after a long senrch, thcy had succeeded In Éndlng.a " pure man,1' one whose liie coukl show no stain. In selecting Cleveland they thought that even if lie had committcd some indiscretions in the past, the obsen rity of his life at that time would hav hielden them in oblivion. However, that was not to be, for til white light which beats npon the pinnacl to which the candidate has been raiseil ha been no less merciless toGroverC'levelam than itwas toGreeley and Tilden, lus pret ecessors. Only in tliem, it revealed blem ishes in political judginent nierely, whil with their present champion grave charges are made against the moral charaeter of the man. That he has t'ie reputation in Bunaio, wliere hc is known, of' liaving been a " fast" man is not deoied even by ministers and his friends, while tliey acknowledge that proofia plenty tp show his relations with a ceituin woinan, they excuse it because they say otlicrs had had tliost: relations also. Ju the lijiht of these tvents t would be well for those who had been thinking of voting for hini because heisa "pure" man to go a little slow, for this country cannot ill'ordto have alibertine rewarded with office. And on the other hand, if these charges are not refuled they must defeathim, sotliat men inay be made to see that the inmoralities of a man are sure todefeathis political aspirations. It would be a. wholesome lesson for onr polilicians for a long time to come. We are to have a " bucket shop" for our eitizens wlio want to grt rich in a hiury. It is over the telegraph office and run by Evarts, Williams & Co., Detroit men, who will sell margins on stocks, grains and provisions. Tliis Is a business where, as Washington Gladden, in the current Century, says: "One man bets another that ten thousand bushels of wlicat will be worth so niucli at a certain future time; if it is selling in the niarket at that time for less than the price nained, he agrees to pay the difference ; if it is selling for the amouiit named the other will pay the diiïerence. Nel tb er party owns a bushel of wheat; there is no transfer of merchandise; there is simply a transfer from tlie one man's pocket to tlie other man's pocket of the inoii03' won in the bet." The city ddegatei u the BepubUean Couiity Convention, to-morrow, in Ann Albor, weie chocen last night in all of the wards exccpt the second, which elects tg reprcsentatives to-nlght; they are as foilowi : First ward, A. J. Siwyer,W. K. Childs, Dr?. Will Terry, and W. J. Herd;n:in, and .1. K. Beai ; tliiid, Chas. E. Hiscock, J. W. Castleman, W. A. Clark, and Jlilo S. Pilcipher; fourth, K. N. Gilbert, J. C Knowlton, Juróme A. Frecinan, James McMahon ; Eli S. Manly, Cliarles Bnrnham, and C. A. Mathewson; sixth, M. H. Brennan, A. F. Martin, und J. H. Peebles. Tlie followlng tacoulo noto, recelved ly ihc ('oi'rikr, explains tself : Waterloo, Ind., July 25. 1884. 1(1 Ui. i"T; teníale persiiiisioii, nrrlved veslerday. Mother is doing splendldly. Dad consiilpi i( to Ue somewhat off. Will probably sur vive. Dox A. (j a i wood. 1,'niii.' :i number have been precticlng in rifle Bbooting prellminary to tlic selection ot the team Of tive that hall represent Cornpany A at the Bnghton coutest. Ou Momlay niglit eiglit of the conipany weie cliusen to devote theinselves to special practice Ibis week, the ntention bein to select the five having the bighest record at the end of the week. Those selected are John Dufly, Don Lowry, John and Cliaiies Miller, Sheldon Granger, A. M. Merithew, John Sweet, and Mr. Stevens. Last year Jaekson carne out ahead lo the contest. Wlieie shall Anu Arbor stand this year f


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