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Prof. H. W. Rogers is in the East. Frank I. Packard, medie '83, was Ín the city Saturday. Dr. Angelí, who ia at Hmbor Springs, returns this week. Librarían R. C. Davis left laat week for a short trip to Ostei ville, Mass. Frank B. Leiand, lit. '82, law '84, was in the city last week two days. a meeting of the Regents will be held August 20th, or thereabouts. Prof. Thomas's room in the north wing ïas a twelve-foot ceilinp; now. It has ust been raised. It is reported that Frank II. Hodder, 83, received a $1,000 appointment at Washington last week. Ho was examined neaily a year ago. Mr. Egbert T. Loeffler, '83, and Miss Lily Wiley, of this city, were married Uonday evening in this city. Prof. J. Taft leaves Cincinnati early next month for Saratoga, where lie will remain from the Stb to the 9th. Fred Whiting and Ben Brodie, both of '82, Tisited " Billy " Clapp at the Deke ïouse over Sunday. They returned to Detroit on Monday. Horace G. My ere, '78, was in the city the forepart of the week. It is said he is )ossessed with the idea that lus head is a telephone. " Helio !" Harrison H. Soule, University treasurer, was in Manchester on Monday. Mr. Soule will go into camp with his regiment at Brighton next month. Dr. Geo. F. Heath, formerly hospital physician, and now located at Monioe, Mich., was in town Friday last, and reports steadily increasing practice. 'Tis said that Judge Cooley thinks of resigning from the supreine bench of the State. His resignation from the University was aceepted ut the last meeting of the Regents. The third story above the reading-room, in the north wlag, is being fitted up for Prof. Beman's use. His former room in the south wing will be assigned to Prof. M. E. Cooley the coming year. It is said there are but four audience rooms in the United States holding more people than Unlversity Hall, namelyGilmore's Garden, N. Y. City, the Mor mon Temple, Salt Lake, Utah, the Brooklyn Tabernacle, and Cincinnati Music Hall. Prof. I. N. Demmon is making several changes and improvements at his Washtenaw ave. residence. His study, which heretofore has been in a building apart from the dwelling-house, has been joined to the latter, raised up, and a cellar put under it. Secretary Wade is makiug various improvementa on the campus during the vacation. Several of the plank walks are being replaced by tar walks, the old tar walks are being repalred where repair is needed, four men are at work calcimining in different buildings, etc. Dr. L. L. Van Slyke has been invited to go to Honolulu, Hawaiian Islamls, as goverument chemist and professor of chemistry at Oabu College atan annual salary of $2,000 and home. Hls work here in the University has been so satisfactory that it s hoped he will not be aken away from it. Miss Mattie Eaton, rharmic '84, has been engaged as bookkeeper, etc., in the drug store of I. N. Reed, corner Summit and Madison sts., Toledo, O. She began work two weeks since. Miss Eaton has also the denree of A. B., La Grange College, Mo. She was the only lady of '84. The class of '84, literary. department, has the following statistic totals, June 26, '84 : Age 2,017 years, 6 months and 24 days ; weight, 11,1577 pounds ; height, 489 ft, 4 inches ; average age, 23 years, 8 months and 25 days ; average weight, 133 pounds ; average height, 5 ft 8 in. ; the greatest in the class in age was 32 years, 7 months and 22 days ; in weight, 185 pounds ; in height, Oft. 3 in. ; the least in age was 19 year?, 8 months and 21 days ; in weight, 103 pounds ; in height, 4 ft. 9 % inches.