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To'pdtf, Ann Arbor & Nortïi Michigan líuiltvay. TIME SCHEUT!. E. Totake eflfeot at 12 o'clock, noon, un Bunday, June 22d, 18S4. Train run by Central Time, (iOIMTÑORTH. niilÑQSOUTlT jñ STATIONS. Sil! im am pmiV T OS Toledo 30 1 66 :0 7 14 Manhattan Junction!) 'Ai 4 4n 5 40 7 Ï! Alexis Jnnctlon I lti' 4 36 4K 7 8 Ilawlhorne 0 H'[ 0 -, 65 7 4li Sumarla :9 U2 4 22 6 09 S Mi 1-ulll 4 (114 K l'i Monroc Jiinction SfW ti i! s RO Duudcu i 80S M Ö 2S 8 :7 Mucou B IB, 4f 331 a 4B A.alia 8 20 : In ti K 5H Milán .Inncllon 8 0!l 25 1 6 4K 9 08 Milán 8 Oí S 32 ti 51 (I 0!l Nora 7 5 3 17 (i 5 ti 22 Urania 7 52 3 1U 7 0: 9 32 PiUsfleld Junction 7 40 3 tü 7 20 II : Aun Arbur 7 27l2 4 7 37 10 15 Leland 7 12 2 80 7 4S 10 2S Worden 7 06 2 V 8 00 10 35 8onih Lon tt 60 2 1U c.nnections: At Toledo, with rallroads dlverjtintr; nt Manhattan Junction, wlth Wheeline & Lak'uKrte K. K.; at Alexis Jiinciion, with M. '. K. If., U P. & M. S. Ry. and K. & 1'. M H. R.; at Monroe Juuclion. with L. 8. & M. 8. Ry.; al Dunái-e, with U. B. & M. 8. Hy.. M. Jfc O. Ky.; al Milán .Iiinctlon. with Wabash, Bt. Louii & Pacíflc Hy.; Kl I'ittsfleld.with L.. M. S. Hy.: at Ann Arbor wlth Michigan Central li. 1!., and al South Lyon with Delroit, I.aning & Northern K. K., and Grand Trufik Ky. H, W. ASIILEY, General Supl. W. H. BENNE IT, Gcn'l. Ptiis. Agent. IHK LIHE SELECTED BY TH-E TJ. S. GOT'T TO CAEEY THE FAST MAIL CÍOING WEST. ONLY LINE RUNWING TW0 THK0UGH TSAI1ÏS DAILY FEOM CHICAGO, PEORÍA & ST. LOUIS, Tnrough the Heart of the Continent b5 way of Pacííic juuctton or Omaha to DENVER, orvia Kansas City and Atchiaoa to Denver, connectlng lu Union Depow at Kansas City, Atcnisoü, Ouiaiin and Denver with throjgh traína ror SAN FRANCISCO, nuil all poluta lu the Far West, bbortest Lineto KAMSAS CITY, And all potnts In the Sou West. TC -JRISTS ANO HEALTH-SEEKERS bliould not forget tbe factthat Bound Trip tiokfta at I reduit-d rates can be purenased via tbis Orvut I Tliruiígh Llue, tuall ibe Health auú PtetLSurv Hesorta of tíie West and Bouth-Weat, lncludiDg ttieMounialDs oí COLORADO, the Valley of tbe nsiMinte, tbe CITY OF MEXICO, and all polnts lu the Mexican Repuhllc HOME-SEEKERS Khould also remember that thls line leads direct to the heart oí the Government and Railroad JLauds in .N-iir:iakn, Kansas, Texas, Colorado aud Washington Terrltorv. Itls knonas the great THROUGH CAR LIME or Anierlca, ajid Ís universally admltted to be the rinr-t Equlpped l ii ilruiiil in the World for all classeti of Travel. Through Tickets vía this Une for sale at all Kallroad coupou Ticket uUicta la the Uultud su:n aud Canada. T.J. POTTKR, Vlce tTeJ. and Uen. Manager. ¦.UKUKVAL LOWKLL, Uen. fas. Agí Chicago. JNO. U A. BEAN. Uen. Eastern Ae'l, 17 Broadway, New York, autl M Washington l., Boslou. 3T THE posTOFFiGE mrnn. A Fnll Ime OI" Cheap Libraries! -AND STATIONE IRTT; A complete issortinent of common and Fancy Note and Lelter l'aper. Knvelopt?, Invitation, and licqnest cards. wrilillg l'arkets, Fine Uox Tapeifr, suit;il)li' lor presents :n0. ;ill klndsol' Stationeis' ílipp es. BLANK B00KS l'ass Books, Memorandum Books, Scralcli Books, Students íVote Books, Rerums, Legal and Medkal Indexes. Bill BooU, and ;ill grades of cotnmon Xote Books. WILLIS UBI, íroprístor, -Vnd Agent t'or all Newspapors, Magazines and periodicals.


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