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THAT DONT LI E! The Boyal Baking Powder Co. try to ovc the Inference that their powder contslns more Cream Tartar and lts Leavenlng Power is reuter than iy 01 her made, hs stated in thelr adrertlsement on the " Comparativo Worth of Baklnjr Powders," exhibiteil ly black lines. Our name was mentloned in conneotion witli one ol rar clieuper lirumb, mude of diflerent m.-iti-rhils as the tr&de ntlirht ilemnnd. Onr Cream Tartar bnind of AndrcwN Pearl was omitted eVldently for h very gnod reason. jiitlglnz from the relativo merlti of Ahdbbw'b Pkaki. ' and the Royal. hs clc.iily denvrnstruted by tlio Government Chemist Dr Pbtbr CoLum of the iJepartment of Agrimhure, at Wnhlnjrton, trom samples receimi !y hun trom dealers who furnished the samples frorii their stocks on i.aial in open Dflarket. lh=KsS ' DR. COLLIERS' ANALYSIS ( U. S. DKPT (IK AORKTLTUKE I , ' - Washington D. C Mroh iO, 18S8. f j C. E. Andrbws i Co. - Gentlemen : I reoeived by fromThoi. Lydon and J. P. Harklns&Co., tí ¦e---=a. (,;raiul Ave., Mihvankee. Rnd Harper Bros., Cliii lío, 111 , samples of Andrews' Pearl and Royal Bak 3 '? Powders. The cans were In good condition " ¦ B when received alid theseals unbroken. Ifindupnn e%, O I ' H analygls that Andrews' Pearl Bak 1 Dg Powder confi i 1 I tains about four and a hal: (i) per cent, more Oaj I B ¦tartean tartar than the Royal Baking Powder, :S lul ¦ and a proprtloately larger percentaice Ü H or carbonfe acid ca, and I lind il to be ¦ IVct' Irom aluin, and any Injurlona miI2 I B staMce. 5 H Blncereiy yours, PETBK COLLIER, S. 5 ' 1Í2t'ÍÍ'Íii' S Chemist, Dept. of Agricultura. . ¦ G-oyemment Chemist Collier's Analysis as to the LeaveniiiE Qualities. ANDREWS' PEARLi&aBHBBHBBBBHHBBHHBBB royal SHBHBHBHBi Nu wonder the Royal Co. omitted Andrews' Pearl from their " Compárativc l'rt." as Government Chemist Collier's analysis shows eonclusively two things: ., ïhat Andrew.-' Pearl o.ontains mre Crcitni Tartar than the Royal, as itown by the cuts above; 2d, That Hip LcavenlBg l'owcr of Andrews' Pearl byreater than the Royal, is shown by the two black Unes above. CHALLE1TGB. We will tsve the Royal Co. or any one else 1.000 or $ö.O0O if tlii-y can prove by miy fair mutual test that Andrews' Pearl Haking Powder does, or ever did, eontain tliim or any tnjnrlous BUbstanees, and this challenge is open forever. Andrews' Pearl Baking Powder is BUstalñed by a testimonial as to its [n ril y and 1ri!ü!li by the only geoulne ( imis-ioned Government ohemist, such as the Royal Co. liever liavc published. '1'j:v Iï. -'- 17 ÍVKIÍPWS Jk i 287 80 & 2fll E. Water St., Milwaukee. 46 Michigan Ave.. Chicago.


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