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Daring Wheelmen

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One of the most daring, dlfflcult, and remarkable feats that has ever been accomplished on the bicycle was achicved by three membera of tlie St. Louis Bicycle Club a few days ugo. H was nothing more nor les tlian rilling trom the summit to the base of Mount Washington. Wlien Mem. Arthur Young, John Hogers, aml Prud Beckerna saiü they were going coutiag down the mountain side on tlieir Wcyoles the guests at the hotel lauglied and thouglit it ouly a jokt'. But when they momited tlieir machines, braoed theniselveg ttnnly in thelr Beats, and shouied to the ClOwd on the pórtico, "Weareoffi" thetudieg held tlieir breatl', while a few old gentlemen went in learcb of a SUrgcoD and like a flash they disappeared arotiiid a corner in the mountain and were soon lost to view. The nxcited crowd rushed for tlieir Held j;ias.-es and leveled them on a spot abont thice miles down the uiotintain, where the road was plainJy visible, and wheie the during coasters would be gure to be seen providetl they were uot thiown from their' machines before reachlnjf it. In ibout 20 minutes Young's bieycle shot throngb the opening, elo-ely folloucd by JJickerns' and Bogen'. Again they were lost lo view and the crowd draw a long breath. "Tiiey havo piitaed tlie most ditticult poluta," sald one old gentleman who knew the uiountain, "and f they suecessfully round a shaip curve about tuur miles and a half down they will make it in safety.'' About half a tnlle bevond this curve there was another opening about 100 yards in length, and on this the now enthupiastic spectators kept tlieir glasses. 'J'en minutes later two of the biryclists buret in view. A hout went up trom a crowd of youths on one of the cllffa that raust have reached thedaring young tellows' ear, for both of them half turned thelr heads upward. Tlie thlrd man, Beckers, now shot out from tohind tl e roeks and followed elose on to the other two. For the last time they disappeared i.. .i,:,wi .. ijlill' uid culd be seen just 51 minutes from Tiïè lime L, .ï.. the suimnit, three white objects, mountcd apparently on a smal] steel wheel, were seen to dash almost simultaneously out into the open plaln and wave the three ¦mail white signáis to the crowd above them. Three louil, ï'ound, heartfelt cheers were returned and a half-hundred handkerchiefs were waving from the cliffs and tlie windows of the hotel. When they returned to the hotel on the train that scales the mountain they were given a perfect ovation. Xot one of them had been thrown, and the distance, fully eight miles, had been traversed in 51 minutes to the second. - Detroit Evening Journal. The New York Commercial Advertiser says: "A man in Detroit pulls teeth to slow muslc." But any one who has beard the yells and howls Iwulug froin a dentist's room during au operation, would not called the music "slow." Brethren, it is


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