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The Chinese Emperor

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He lias numerous tilles, all Indíoatíng sonie attribiite of virtue or greatneu, besides the best known and most commonly used one of hwangti. The family name of the dywMty is Gioro, or Golden, so called from lts original founder, Aisin üioro. All members of the blood are registered in the clan court. Thoso who are descended fruni the Kmperor have the privilege of weaiing a ycllow girdle. Those from the Manchu chiefs before they had becoine Chinese sovereigns may only wear a red girdle. They all enjov an allowance, out this isgradually rednoed the further they recede from the throne, until at last it barely suñices to procure the necessaries of life. The Kmpress regent, Tse Hi, is the widow of the Emperor Hienfung, wlio died in 18(1, anu tho mother of the young ruler Tungche, who died in 1875. She acted conjointly with Tse An. the principal widow and legal EmpreM of Hienfung, unti! tbe death of the latter in 1881, when she assumed the rcsponsiljility of sole regent for Hienfung's nephew, the present Kmperor Kwaugsu. She is believed nol to possess as niueh courage and decisión as her late eolleague did, but probably the principal actor in the palace aftairs is l'rince Chun, the boy Kinpcror's father, and a man of great resolution and high


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