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Ooty a few ycars ago, fan Irish -American had been found wlio voted the Ecpublican ticket lic was regnrded almost as an apostate. However tliis year there is a remarkablc defection trom the Democratie rauks, and leading Irislimen wlio are in a position to know tlie sentiment of their oountrymen declare that a liundreil thousand of tliera wlll vote for Blaine. They do this first, from a liking tor hini ; second, from a contempt for Cleveland. Blaine they admire because he hggpeyThey are working men who came here from the EmerakI Isle to escape from the low wages England's system of seltish economics has.cursed Ireland with, and they want none of it here. Their bitter experience in that line ought to speak louder to us than all the plausible tlieories of Mili, Ricardo and Sumner. The Irish World and nearly all their other papers are for Blaine and against Cleveland because the record oí the fermer has been for the interests of the laboiïng man while that of the Democratie nominee has ever been hoslile to them. Besides the?e Uilnga the Catholics have ahvays stood firmly for the purity of morals and the family ties. So, as very grave charges are made against the Democratie leader's private character which have not been and probably cannot be denied, they cannot support or countenance in any way such conduct. Other acts of his hostile to their religión, drive away their aid. The largc meeting of Irisli Independent In Cliitkeiing Hall in New York City last week wasenthusiastic for Bl.iine anü hissed Cleveland. Tliis alarming upiising is already carrying tenor to Democratie heaits and tliey begin to see the coming República!) walk-away. "


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