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The grave charles well substanttated against the moral cljaracter of one of the presidential eandidates makes us hope that in tliis election the people will resolve that no man can come to honor whose Ufe itlelí is a dishonor. There is now a good chance to rebuke such conduct and to ahow tlie coming gene-ration that only by strict rectitude of principies md ictions can men liope for political prefernientPopular feeling for that wblcfa makes for righteousness was signally rnanifested la the time of Aaron Burr, and the ínter Ocean tells of it by sayinjf : ' In the execution of thut law of compensation which can bring good out of evil the moral turpitude of Aaron Burr bas servea as a most wholesome restraint. That man va ilirectly in the line of the presidcnc.v. líe vras the favoiïte son of New York, for in those days of stage coaches and no telegraphj tlie people knew very liltle about their public men in their private l?es. Virginia and Massachusetts had bod their turn at the presidency, and New Vork vas fairly entitled to come next, especiiilly ïsagainstanother Viijfinian. It was known that Burr had all the intellectiial qualitication, and his ism was notdoiihtrd at the time wlien the íiual téstenme; lio wc ver it inay have been at tlie popular election, he wuáeteateá at last, bec&UM he watknown to bc what Mr. Purcel] calis 'a moral leper.' 1'he defmt ras direutly traceable to that fact. Tlie vote which decided tlie contest was cast by James A. Bayard, of Delaware, and then, as now, t was the boast of the Bayards that, like their chivalrlc namefakeof illustrious memory, they were without reproaeli. Bayard and Burr rere of the same way of thinking in politics, but tliat could not atone tor moral leproey. The name of Aaron Hurr will forever stand in American memory as nn impres.sive warning to polltical ambition, bcaring an ¦crlption on plaln to bc mUtakon, too slrikiiij{ to bo overlooked. '¦ il:ipily tor American moiality,nodi'bflnchee has ever oooiiiicl the liighest offlee uithin the iiift of Ihe peopte. Wo have bachelors and wldowers lu iho Wliite Uuiwe, bul noaocial Bcandul, elthor before Of ttfter electlon, ever attached tu tlii'ir liiiUMí?. The lióme grucod by a Ioiiü line of noble women, frooi Lady Washington ni)d Mis. Adama to tin. Havo and Laoretla Qarfleld, hus uevcr tieutleil inorul dislnfuotion, anti when the present occupant of the White House re. tliea lroin it 110 voice n all the land wil! do iniicli as whisper the slix'itest surgestión of scandal. And we may confidently expect Ihat the Anicriean people will be truc ia the future, as in the past, to the liijrh Standard in record on social ethics wlnch it ahvays exact of him who may be honored by theni with thChigheet witiiin their gift."


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