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Dr. T. P. Wilson gpeakson temporalice Sundxy next at Unioii hall . - Sclinli & Muehlig recelved tlioir Brst car load of stoves this week 'Die Unltarlana are putting a ntvv dining room anti kitclien in t lic churcll basement Tlie Toledo road's regular traína between Owosso and St. Louis began running Momliiy. W. Foote Hiill's anticipateil sale of liis farm iouth of the city last week was uot CODCloded, so the place is still for sale. Tlie Toledo road has an excursión Sunday to tlie Brlghton Encampment, and one on Mond.ij . Tlie sliain battle is on the latter day. The nevr board of county school exainiiicis consists of Geonie S. Wheelur, Salem, E. (Warner, Ypsilanti, and Mlchacl J Lehman, Chelsea. Company A. left this uiorning for the Brighton encanipiient, about sixty strong The expense to the State of the eneainpnient, it is said, wlll be about $30,000. The Duun case against R. Ii. Billington caine np last Baturday, and after recciviiitr Mr. Diüin's statement that he is as yet unable to recall anything about the aftair, the case wasdismissed. Schuil & Muchlig have been making changes iu tlicir store room, whieh aul in a display of thcir stock. Incidentally, they are putting oue ot' the Bendereon furoaces in Gco. Cropsey's ncw house. Tlie fashion now-a-days secnis to be when you have occasion toMjatler any botly do it so elt'ectually as to drive all remembrance of the affnir out of their heads. The advantages to the assailant are evident. Scott Will'wnisexpects to sail from New York for Santiago, Chili, on August lOth, reachinj liis destinatiou In abotit thirty days. He will probably remain tliere teachiny for three years, when be liopes to return and take two yeais' theologie! work at Oberlin. Ohio, in preparatiou for the ininiftry. _ At the anana] nmting in this city on Tuesday of the chairmen of the tow nship school nspectors of the countj', Micbael J. Lehman, Chelsea, was elected school examinei' for the ensuing three years, to succeed Piohjor Benjaiu ie Elhteeni of Heman and 10 for Lehnian. At a -special meeting oí' the common council lust niglit au ordinance was adopted forblddlllg persons from standing, walkinjr, sitting, ljlng or lounging on the court Itouse square lawn. For any sucli violation the otfènder is Hable to a fine f uo less than $5. and not cxceeding $25., and costs, to be recovered before any justice of the peac, and indefault of payinent the penoo may be conlined in ihe couiity j uil not to exceed sixty days. Considerable excitenient was cansed Monda; afternooii bout three o'cloek by a uinaway team tearing down Washington street wesi, with two ladies and a boy in the buggy to wliich the horses weie attached. The team ol' lai ge bays belonged to Michael Kusterer and the lady occupants weie Mr. Kusterer's sisters, we believe, one of wliom wus driving. The team .eenis to have been frlghtened near Fonrth street, by the hat of one ot' tlie ladie blowing off; on reachlng Main stntt the team turncd sonth and ran iuto a bujrgy ïtanding in front of A.F.riungsteilei- & Co's., coming to a siuUlen halt, the off luirse slipping and fallillgupon hij left side. The lady who was driving was tlirown out into tlie uiikI, and persons standing ncar ly tliiuk her escape inarvelous tor she was witliin easy reucL 01 the fallen horse's heels had he attewpted to kick. Fortumitcly, liowever. prompt assistiince was at haud and serious iujnry was averted. Strange to say tlie bupgy ran into by the hoises was but slightly injured, and all in .11, the runaway was an exc:eedinly fortunnte onn. A Itrge ciowd gatheied in front of Hank's, and the usual inonotony of the su nnier vacatión was for once somewhat cnlivened.


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